XFL Power Rankings - Week 2

Week 2 wasn't as exciting as week 1 in our opinion because of all the dropped balls and offenses not being able to score really any points. We saw a team in NY completely fall apart in a span of just 1 week. The best game of the week between Houston and St. Louis where P.J. Walker continued to prove he is the best player in the league. Tampa Bay is still without an offensive TD after 2 weeks. Landry Jones came back for Dallas and beat and LA team who finally got things clicking with their QB Josh Johnson who has a star receiver in Nelson Spruce. With all that being said, please enjoy our Week 2 XFL Power Rankings.

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1. Houston Roughnecks 2-0 (HOU 28 - STL 24)

Hunter: P.J. Fucking Walker. Hands down the best player in this league. I guarantee after this season Walker will be on an NFL Roster. He single-handedly has more TD's in his first 2 games than some teams have combined. Cam Phillips, his go-to receiver is phenomenal hauling in all 3 TD's thrown by P.J.. Houston's front 4 is a scary sight for any opposing QB, their defense forced STL QB Jordan Ta'AMU to throw 2 INTs setting their offense up with incredible field position. If I'm another team and I see Houston coming up, I'm shitting myself. This team will represent the west in the XFL Championship game. Houston and DC will have to play each other in order for one or another to lose their first game.

1c3: The Houston Roughnecks proved that they were the best team in the league today. They took on a tough, well-coached St. Louis Battlehawks team. Houston dominated for basically the entirety of the game, keeping the high powered Battlehawk attack in check. Houston has a matchup next week with 0-2 Tampa Bay, which means they should probably be headed to a nice 3-0 start.

MVP: Cam Phillips - 8/10 Recs 63 Yards, 3 TDs

Change of position : +/- 0 (Week 1 Ranking #1)

2. DC Defenders 2-0 (DC 27 - NY 0)

Hunter: If you read last week's power rankings you'll remember me stating that I though DC was good but there was nothing special about them. I stand by that statement after week 2, but there is something I would like to add to that. DC is an extremely solid and talented team on both sides of the ball. By saying nothing special I mean there is nothing flashy jumping off the screen, they just come in and win. Cardale is surrounded by probably the most complete receiving cores in the league. The running game has just over 100 yards on the ground thanks to backs Pumphrey & Pressley. The Defender's defense forced 3 turnovers against an abysmal New York offense. Again DC did look slow and disjointed for very short periods on offense, but once this team clicks completely, I can't see them losing to anyone after racking up nearly 400 yards total.

1c3: It was an all-around dominant performance for the DC Defenders in week two. The defense was able to rattle Guardians quarterback Matt McGloin all game long, to the point where he went on an all-time tirade during his halftime interview. The Defenders proved to everyone that they're a force to be reckoned with and will definitely be in title contention at the end of the season.

MVP: Cardale Jones - 276 Yards, 62% Comp %, 2 TD's, 1 Int, 91.7 QB Rating

Change of position : +1 (Week 1 Ranking : #3)