Women's Streetwear: Trending Now

Fashion is forever evolving. Different trends, brands, and styles come in and out. And through the accessibility of Instagram, fashion is becoming more accessible to everyone as a form of creative expression and personality. Social media has evolved the way that we view and represent fashion. It is now easy to seek out influencers who are on-trend, to share your personal style, and to be informed of what’s releasing and trending all around the world.

Trending now: streetwear. This is a style that has been popular and continues to evolve. It is all about the oversized clothing, vintage looks, and high end brands mixed with coordination and comfort.

But with these hot looks, there is a lot of work that happens behind the scenes to compile the perfect fit: color coordinating, accent pieces, matching with your sneakers, branding, fittings, and photography. Here’s an inside look to what is trending now in women’s fashion and some influential, stylish women.

Trending now: the oversized look. This compiles oversized shirts, sweatshirts, baggy pants, and large coats. Models on the runway and trending style influencers are all on-trend, putting together their best outfits accented with oversized pieces. They key is to have clothes that are still complimenting, but also oversized.

Hot right now : Oversized puffer jackets

Hot right now: Cargo pants

Hot right now : Oversized t-shirts

It is empowering and inclusive that women are able to wear men’s pieces just the same as men would. While society’s overall views are becoming more inclusive, so is fashion.

Trending for men and women is the vintage look. Whether it’s a piece from your parent’s closet or a local thrift store, vintage is back. Compiling the perfect vintage look comes with graphic t-shirts, denim jackets, old-fashioned pants, and the retro-look that only vintage can give. Looking at vintage influencers such as Sean Wotherspoon gives insight and inspiration, as well as what to expect next. With the vintage look is the return of matching tracksuit. Ranging from LV to Adidas to FashionNova brands, a matching jacket with joggers is a statement.

While it may not be a trend, the growth in popularity of designer brands continues to increase. Gucci, Balenciaga, Louis Vuitton, Off-White. Worn by celebrities, style icons, and even by you, these brands are all about the hype and wearing a designer brand. These designer brands are expanding from the typical runway looks into streetwear fashion, ranging from bags to shoes to scarves. Gucci and Louis Vuitton are seen as trend-setters and have wide outreach due to their popularity and celebrity engagement.