Winners and Losers from the Jalen Ramsey Trade

After requesting a trade and sitting out multiple weeks due to a back injury, former Jacksonville Jaguars All Pro cornerback Jalen Ramsey has finally been traded to the Los Angeles Rams. In return, the Jaguars got a 2020 first round pick, a 2021 first round pick and a 2021 fourth round pick. Ramsey will look to spark a Rams defense that has struggled all year, including giving up a 50 burger at home to Jameis Winston. In addition, it came out today that the Rams would be without cornerback Aqib Talib until at least week 11. Furthermore, L.A. parted ways with Marcus Peters, who was dealt to the Baltimore Ravens. Time to find out who won and lost the Jalen Ramsey Trade.


Jacksonville Jaguars

What do you do with a guy that doesn't want to play for your team? Do you let him collect dust while he sits on the bench inactive? Hell no. (@Redskins, you could learn something from the Jags here). The Jags had a clear cut mindset of what they wanted in return for Ramsey. They had got some pretty good offers from other teams before, but didn't like them enough to pull the trigger. However, with growing concern that Ramsey would continue to sit out, they got on the phone with Los Angeles and made the deal.

They got two future one's and a four from LA, which is a significant haul. They can now put their focus on scouting and looking for ways to upgrade their rebuilding roster. The Jags have some holes needing to be filled one their roster, especially in the trenches. While the offensive line is playing better recently, they still could use an upgrade or two. Also, they could look to upgrade the defensive line as Calais Campbell isn't getting any younger and Yannick Ngakoue will be a free agent this upcoming year. The Jags drafted Josh Allen this year and could look to provide him with another pass rushing weapon, similar to what the Denver Broncos have constructed. It's always good to have picks, especially high in the draft and with the Ramsey deal completed, they now have four first round picks over the next two years.

Jalen Ramsey

This one's pretty simple. Ramsey didn't want to be in Jacksonville anymore. He asked for an out. He got what he wanted. Ramsey will be taking his talent's to an L.A. Rams team that has lost three straight and is looking for answers. The Rams have struggled mightily on defense this year, especially in the secondary. Aqib Talib has been playing banged up and was placed on IR. Marcus Peters was able to cause some turnovers, but also gave up a lot of big plays. Peters was also dealt away today, leaving the Rams with a big hole in the back end. Ramsey, who is widely considered one of the top defenders in the game, joins another top defender in Aaron Donald. The combination of those two will give opposing offenses nightmares.

Aaron Donald

Aaron Donald will still be getting double and triple teamed on the regular basis. That doesn't matter though. Donald shows that he can fight through those teams using his unbelievable combination of power and speed. With Ramsey in the fold locking down opposing wide receivers, that will allow more time for Donald to get to the quarterback. His sack production will go up, as Ramsey will allow him to get a lot of coverage sacks. I can't wait to watch these two superstars and how they impact each others game.


Los Angeles Rams Offense

What once looked like one of the best units in the league now is a shell of itself. Jared Goff is reverting back to rookie season Goff, who looked like he wouldn't amount to anything in the NFL. The run game is non existent, after Todd Gurley looked like the best running back in the NFL. The offensive line might be the worst in the league. However, there is one bright spot on the offense. The emergence of Cooper Kupp. Many thought of Kupp as a system wide receiver, who was benefitting from the genius of Sean McVay. Boy were they wrong. Kupp looks like a legitimate star at wide receiver, and if he's able to stay healthy, has the potential to be a top ten receiver in the near future.

The pressure is now on the Rams offense. The defense will definitely improve with Ramsey. Now it's on them. Goff needs to get his head out of his ass and play at the pro bowl level he has for the past two seasons. The offensive line has to be better. They were one of the key components to the success of the team recently. They need to give Gurley lanes to run the ball and give him the opportunity to use his play making ability to make things happen.

NFC West Rivals

Game planning against the Rams defense is tough already. You have to worry about Aaron Donald, who is putting up Canton worthy career stats in only his sixth season in the NFL. Now, they have to worry about arguably the best cornerback in all of football. When you have two guys who are at or near the top of their position on the same team, that's a nightmare scenario. Russell Wilson, Kyler Murray and Jimmy Garappolo will definitely be losing sleep before games against the Rams.

Final Thoughts

Will the Jalen Ramsey move give the Los Angeles Rams the spark that they so desperately need? He certainly helps out the defense, which has looked completely different from the previous years. However, that isn't the only problem with the Rams. The offense hasn't played it's part at all and looks like a league average unit at this point. Hopefully this gives the team some life and Ramsey can help the Rams get to the playoffs. Who do you think won the Jalen Ramsey trade?