Will Armstrong - Fools (Ft. Miles Canady)

Fools brings the listener through relateable issues and struggles that many people feel on a daily basis. Both artists take you through their methods of dealing with these issues over a Saba-esque beat. With laid back flows, Will and Miles both deliver unique lyricism-heavy verses that effortlessly tell a story.

Will mentioned that Fools "is a reminder that there are always going to be good things in my life and that I don't need to worry so much about my own problems. If people are going to take away one idea from the song, its that shit really does not matter. Everyone is just trying to survive in one way or another, so just try to enjoy the time you have."

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The Artists

Will Armstrong

"Will Armstrong is 16 years old, born and raised in Winnetka, IL. A junior at New Trier high school, his music features relaxing melodies and hard hitting bars dealing with the complexities of being an introverted extrovert and the struggles of finding oneself. In the summer of 2019, he dropped his first single ‘dontlookback,’ noting his two largest inspirations as Earl Sweatshirt and Mac Miller. He hopes to release a few more singles before his debut project arrives in early 2020."

Miles Canady

"I’m from Arlington, Texas, my style ranges from chill & melodic like this feature to more energetic stuff. As for my verse, I wrote it while I was in a dark headspace about my job and where I was in life. Also, I put an album out this past June."

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