• Dylan Fadden

Why We Shouldn't Hit The Panic Button

Despite the horrific display of football in the first NFL game of the year and the Bears looking absolutely horrible, heres why we shouldn't hit the panic button just yet.

Trust me, I was so incredibly upset last night. This was not the same Bears team we saw make the playoffs a year ago. Mitch looked like he regressed, Nagy called a horrible game, Anthony Miller and David Montgomery barely sniffed the field, and the O line had too many penalties/allowed way too much pressure on Trubisky. It was a nightmare.

But heres why we shouldn't hit the panic button just yet:

There are 15 games left! I understand, that all of us Bears fans had so much hope following the double doink and expected them to come out hot but unfortunately it didn't happen that way. It sucks, but we have to move on. I can only hope that every Bears player in that locker room felt what all the fans felt last night and put it to good use. I think too many people have already forgotten that we lost the first game of the year last year to the Packers. I'm not using this as an excuse because I would've given anything to see the Bears dominate the field last night but I think it's important to note that we ended up going 12-4 last year after a week 1 loss in Green Bay. If the Bears are able to put this horrific feeling to good use theres not a doubt in my mind that we will position our selves to make the playoffs yet again.

Speaking of last years season opener, I think theres some importance in comparing last night's game with that game. In the 2018 opener at Lambeau Field, the Bears showed an impressive first half performance only to be derailed by a drugged up and bum knee'd Aaron Rodgers. This year, we were pretty much stuck without a clue on offense, and I think thats largely by fault of our own but I also think the Packers defense is actually good this year. We didn't lose because of Aaron Rodgers, we lost because their defense actually stepped up and played good. I think the Packers may be legit this year, given they may not have to totally rely on Rodgers to bail them out time and time again. While we can sit here and blame our team I do think its important to add that the Packers look to be a much better team this year.

The duo of Trubisky and Nagy has shown glimpses of brilliance AND meager play. Last night? It was glimpses of meagerness. However, what I saw in the playoff game last year against the Eagles still yielded so much hope and I know its there. Im not sure what level Mitch will be able to crank it up to as a Quarterback but it will be a hell of a lot better than whatever that was last night. You can bet your ass they're in the film room right now figuring it out.

The defense!!!! Aside from a few miscues the defense was still awesome last night. In todays NFL a team that only scores 10 points usually ends up on the losing end of things. They did their part and when the offense steps it up(they can only go up from their performance last night) we will be golden. The now Chuck Pagano led defense is not something to be worried about.

I know it sucks having to experience things like the Packers coming into our own place and beating us but please realize this is what rock bottom feels like. Im choosing to believe that we can only go up from the atrocity that took place last night. Now, the only thing we can do now is look forward to the future. This team has too much promise and potential to start freaking out over a week 1 loss. It is WAY too early to hit the panic button. That same team from last year is still there and you better believe they will come to play in the upcoming weeks.

P.S. I cannot wait to see the Bears go up to Lambeau and knock that smug look off of Rodgers face week 15.