Whole Lotta Hope: Where Is This Playboi Carti Album?

When Playboi Carti announced in Milwaukee that he was striving to drop his highly-anticipated album Whole Lotta Red in the next 60 days, many fans began speculating about when we would receive the album. A couple of my Carti Stan Vlone Soldier buddies and I began trying to find the optimal date for the drop. Die Lit, Carti's last album came out of nowhere on May 11th of last year. Without warning, the cover art emerged on Instagram with one of Carti's classic "+~*#! !#*~+" captions.

s/o ralphpolojames

It can be hard to speculate about an artist who rarely speaks, and when he does his statements are typically half symbols anyway. His decisions to leak in-progress tracks has allowed us fans to watch him grow and experiment consistently over time. Carti's leaks are about as common as a rainy day, but these leaks are like bright beams of sunshine in the lives of all fellow Carti stans. Going off of said leaks, this is my dream tracklist for Whole Lotta Red.


I want new music. So even if WLR's tracklist perfectly matches mine, I'll still be disappointed. Naturally, I'll be upset if I've already heard a leaked version of every song. I'm a picky bastard. Carti has previously said that there won't be any features or any production from Pierre Bourne, so this tracklist is purely fantasy.

Once again, I'm a picky bastard.

1. Whole Lotta/Neon

Out of all the leaks our ears have been blessed with, this one is the most reminiscent of 'Long Time (Intro)' in my opinion. It makes too much sense as an intro track. Maaly Raw killed this and I would be beyond shocked if this happy-go-lucky banger didn't make the final cut.

2. Red (feat. Red Coldhearted)

This isn't actually quality enough of a snippet to ensure it should go on the album, but 'Red Coldhearted' needs to be featured on WLR. One of my favorite songs from Die Lit was 'Middle of the Summer', and I love the chemistry between these two. How perfect would it be if the first two tracks of Whole Lotta Red are 'Whole Lotta' and 'Red'?

3. Run It Up/007

This track reminds me of 'New Choppa' from Self-Titled and I am 100% here for it. It doesn't matter if it's this track specifically, but we need Carti to bring at least one or two aggressive deliveries on the album.

4. Choppa Go


It's safe to say that I am very here for another aggressive Carti track.

5. Asthma/Goku

'Goku' got it's other title from Carti disclosing with his fans that he has the worst type of Asthma. Overall, it is a pretty laid back Carti track with outstanding vocals, even for Playboi.

6. Tote Shit (feat. G Herbo)

My buddy is the biggest G Herbo fan and he always sends me the leaks of these two. This is my favorite one I've heard yet and I think we're more than deserving of an official release of a Carti x Herbo track.

7. Dropped Out/Graduation Party

One of my favorite leaks of this era, no question. This will be on WLR and I'll be very disappointed in the off-chance that it isn't. THIS SHIT FYE!