Who is seFu?

seFu is 17-year-old artist out of Houston, Texas who released his debut project in April of this year. We asked him a few questions to get better understanding about him and his music.

How did you get into making music?

"I’ve always been into music since I was little kid because my dad always had me listening to old 70's disco or soul groups such as Debarge, Earth Wind and Fire, and Stevie Wonder. I’ve always wanted to pursue something music wise."

What was the inspiration for the name and cover art for your project Abraham?

"The theme for Abraham along with my forthcoming project is pro-black everything. The beautiful black women on the cover are symbolic; they stand in masculine poses and do masculine things showcasing their strength. I did this because the climate we live in today, black women are treated so terribly."

When did you decide that you wanted to put this project together?

"I decided I wanted to do this project around November 2019. I went all in and spent all my checks from work on equipment, searched on YouTube how to use it all, and just went for it."

What was the most fun and hardest part about putting together this project?

"The most fun part about this project was definitely me finding out how good I was at actually rapping. Writing a bar in my room and smiling to myself thinking, “yeah, this hard,” that's the best feeling.

The hardest part was definitely deciding on the order of the songs, because I wanted Abraham to be like a short film; not just a bunch of random songs thrown together. It took me weeks to figure out the track list and order!

I produced “AWAY!”, Will u be there?”, “Runner”, and “John interlude” on the Abraham project."

How would you describe your style to someone that hasn't listened to you before?

"I would describe my style as spoken word. I usually have a soul sample in the background engulfing the words I say. I’m inspired by Mavi, Earl Sweatshirt, and MF Doom the most.

I would suggest listening to “I sat down and wrote this” from Abraham."