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Drop Dead XX came together through various means. The 12 member collective formed through a mixture of in-person relationships and online forums. TyFaizon met co-members Manuel Foreign, D-Lo Jones, & Alex Guapo through school and connected with Medici and Paris Williams on an Odd Future forum called OFT. Paris then eventually would go on to introduce Ty to Sean, Monogram, and Zane, as he already had established relationships with Monogram, Zane, and Sean. The group's main producers, Zane and Medici, are behind most of the album's absolutely incredible production. Friends of the group contributed to the album's sound as well, with Deiondre co-producing "You Me & Zolee" and Mykel Andre co-producing "Boyhood". The album from an instrumental stand-point is truly incredible.

When TyFazion was asked to describe the group's music, he responded with,

"Our music is feeling, we don’t feel limited in a sound or a genre. It’s just about giving the feeling we want to give for a certain song. We take a lot of elements from pop music, but still try to keep it raw and in your face as possible. Just something that a listener would remember"

TyFazion, Manuel Foreign, D-Lo Jones, and Alex Guapo all hail from Kansas City, Missouri, while Paris Williams and Sean currently reside in Muskegon, Michigan. Medici is from all away across the ocean, living in Manchester, UK. Coming from the Midwest, Zane is from Evansville, Indiana. Mono resides in the nation's capital (DC).

Odd Future is one of the biggest influences for the group. Drop Dead XX also draws inspiration from acts like, Wu Tang, Outkast, The Neptunes/Pharrell, Kanye West, The Cool Kids, and Kid Cudi.

The collective dreams of being able to collaborate with Pharrell, Tyler, The Creator, Rico Nasty and Kenny Beatz.

If you're looking for some new music that sounds a bit different than what you usually hear, this is the album for you.

My first listen through of this album I knew this group was up to something, I'm going to give you some of my favorite songs from this album that I recommend you check out. Seriously do it, you won't regret it.


1. Television

2. Popular Kids

3. Prom

4. Satanic Panic/Poltergeist

Drop Dead XX is a group to watch out for, they have incredible potential and will be on the rise very soon.

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