Up Next (3/20) - ROYSMITH

ROYSMITH, an up-and-coming artist out of Tennessee, has been making waves ever since he dropped his first song in 2017. Roy is lightyears ahead of his peers sonically; combine his sonic gift with his dark and ambient production, and you get some incredible music in the process.

With multiple songs already garnering over 10K streams on Spotify, it's not long before you'll be hearing ROYSMITH played heavily in aux rotations. Already being featured on publications such as Elevator and Rap Nation, the Tennessee native has a bright future in the music world.

In 2018, Roy dropped his debut album "Ides". The self-produced, 10 track, 31 minute tape comes fully packaged with songs that you will have on constant repeat.

Debut Album - Ides

Album Highlights


Problems - This is some shit that you can turn on and get stupid to; the bass is booming and the snares smack.

Restless - Roy's quick flow and "fuck you, pay me" mentality on this track make for a surefire banger that serves as a safe aux choice.

3AM Cruising:

Substance Interlude (Featuring Ryan West) - Oh shit, its 3AM and you want some chill cruising music? Look no further than "Substance Interlude". The soft and melodic vocals blend so well with the smooth instrumental that you'll have no choice but to smash the replay button.

Killer Intro:

Ides - I'm usually one to skip intro tracks because I never seem to get into them (and I couldn't tell you why), but Ides is one that I never skip. The beat switch ups (the drums go crazy) along with a variety of flows provided by ROYSMITH make this an unskippable intro.

Personal Favorite - Wasteland

Why is this my favorite ROYSMITH track? First off, you basically get 2 songs in 1 because of the beat switch up, which is one of the smoothest transitions I've ever heard (there is zero exaggeration there, you'll be shook once you hear it because you'll think Spotify went to the next song). Second, I absolutely love the dark, hard-hitting instrumental which has a great build up. The structure of the song is perfect. Check it out; you will not regret it.

Fan Favorite (based off most played song) - Wave (Featuring Noah North)

Wave is a lighthearted song great for summer time cruising with the windows down. If you play this song in a car full of girls, they'll love you for showing them their new favorite song. Roy and Noah both deliver verses that make you want to be sitting on a beach sipping some Corona or Modelo (Modelo is the better choice by the way).

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