Up Next (3/15) - GEI$HA

GEI$HA is Chicago’s next up-and-coming artist. He has been writing music since the age of 6, but he has just recently started releasing music under the name GEI$HA. He has grown up in Chicago, as well some of its surrounding suburbs. Although he’s new in the game, GEI$HA has already gathered some buzz.

Some of GEI$HA’s influences are Kanye, Travis Scott, Juice WRLD, and British band Portishead. GEI$HA feels that he doesn’t have or strive for a particular sound; he just has fun with it. To GEI$HA, making music is about passion and having fun more than anything else.

GEI$HA just released his first EP - ON MY OWN TIME. Two tracks off ON MY OWN TIME, “RIDE” and “TOUCHED”, are produced by rising Chicago producer Luke Almighty. ON MY OWN TIME is a great display of GEI$HA’s potential and versatility as an artist.

Spotlight Song

“Maintain” (prod. Nevz)

This song is wavy as fuck - definitely one of my favorite new songs that I’ve heard in awhile.

The icy, dreamy beat by Nevz is a perfect match for GEI$HA’s catchy, smooth vocals. In this well-rounded track, GEI$HA delivers us an equal amount of bars and calm vocalizing.

“Maintain” is the best indicator of GEI$HA’s talent and potential yet. This track really shows off how well-rounded GEI$HA can be.

Honorable Mentions

“match my energy” (prod. Torrontaye)

This song sounds incredible. GEI$HA sheds light on his love life in melodic fashion over a perfectly-fitting, vibe-heavy beat from Torrontaye.

“RIDE” (prod. Luke Almighty)

In this catchy banger fresh off his new EP, GEI$HA spits some facts over a freezing cold Luke Almighty beat.