Underground Artists of the Month: November 2020

Over the last six months, my contributions to Burbs have shifted from general music writing to a more specified focus on underground artists and discovery. Throughout this time, I have spent way too much time discovering way too many artists not to share them. Our weekly interviews have been rolling, and with the kickoff of our Season One of interviews, we wanted to create a new way for us to put you on to new music. Each month, we will be publishing a five-person feature to help you find your next favorite artist. We plan to vary the subgenres and geographic locations of the featured artists. Enjoy!

Maasho (@abelmaasho)

From: Raleigh, North Carolina

Abel Maashono, not that Abelcomes from North Carolina, the same state as notable MCs such as J. Cole and DaBaby. Unlike Cole and Baby, Maasho is a promising young voice out of their state. His sound fits under the alternative/pop-rap subgenre. He brings a refreshing bounce to this sound, giving me slight impressions of Amine. Portland's own is one of Abel's bigger inspirations, and he even dropped his own remix of his recent track "Woodlawn."

BBY Kodie (@bbykodie)

From: Houston, Texas

I am not exactly the first person to discover the 20-year-old Houston trap sensation known as BBY Kodie. Kodie, also known as Kodie Kardashian, is a metaphorical bucket when it comes to making consistent trap slappers. Take for example his most popular song to date, "Milkshake," which brings his own speaker-bursting twist to the Pharell-produced Kelis classic of the same name. He associates with the DON'T DIE group of Houston, which features artists like HVN, bigredshooter, YGR, No Friends, and Broadday. Half the music I've been listening to for the month has been that of the cleverly luxurious Kodie. I highly recommend checking out Kodie and those he's been working with. With his 2019 album Vogue, series of tapes with producer No Friends, and phenomenal beat selection, he's been shown mad love from the likes of Lil Yachty and even gotten a feature verse from the infamous Lil B. Check out the video for one of my favorite tracks of Kodie's, "Korleone," below.