Uh Huh - BK Rockstar

Brooklyn artist BK Rockstar just released his new song "Uh Huh" right before the weekend. If you're looking for a young artist to invest in with a lot of upside, BK Rockstar is the artist for you. While still being incredibly young, he is able to put together extremely solid and catchy songs that prove the future is bright for him. "Uh Huh" is a high-energy track with a smooth instrumental and hard-hitting drums. The catchy chorus alone makes this song worthy of being on your playlist. We sat down with BK Rockstar to ask him more about himself and the creation of "Uh Huh".

Who is BK Rockstar?

"My name is Remarl. I’m 17 years old from Brooklyn born-and-raised. My start with music was pretty unexpected, actually. I was visiting my father’s house and he had a home studio set up because he’s an artist and makes beats, and one day he said, “Aye Remy, lemme hear you spit something.” I didn’t really think anything of it, so I wrote something which actually took a whole day because I was nervous. I recorded and my dad told me I was a natural, so ever since then I fell in love with the creation of music and the process of the thinking behind it."

You’ve released 6 songs since July this year alone; you seem to be on a roll. What can we expect for the rest of the year?

"Great question. You could expect me to keep trying to elevate my sound and connect with different people in the industry and grow lyrically as an artist."

How did you get the name BK Rockstar?

"Born and raised in Brooklyn; I’m a rockstar that’s gonna take over the world."

What was the creation process of "Uh Huh?”

"I was very energetic during this moment and thinking a lot about how people are going to want to start being around me, but why? Back then you ain’t f*ck with us."

Your style is pretty unique, especially your flow. Where do you attribute your sound to?

"Honestly, I would say it comes from me listening to a lot of rock music and Rihanna. Yes, I said Rihanna; she’s a GOAT.”

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