Twitter reacts to kanye west pushing jesus is king back

Kanye West's ninth studio album, Jesus is King, was scheduled to release today and like fans have grown accustomed to, it didn't drop.

Of course, Twitter is the best place to get any reactions to Kanye. Reactions ranging from making fun of others for staying up all night (not me, I slept like a baby), expressing their emotions (I am sad I don't have any new Ye to bump at my desk today) and conspiracy theories running wild.

Here are some of the best tweets trolling Kanye fans (They're funny but fuck all of you):

It's all shits and giggles until someone giggles and shits themselves and cry that they shit their pants added to the fact that Jesus is King didn't drop!

News broke that Kanye is having his weekly Sunday Service performance today, Friday, 9/27/19, in Detroit. Now, I'm not a smart man, but I do know that today isn't Sunday, and if you have performances called Sunday Service, it should be performed on a Sunday, not a Friday. There's still hope!

Kanye might pull a The Life of Pablo and perform the album live first then release the album later on today or this weekend. Twitter put on those tin-foil hats and got to work trying to find a little sliver of hope.

Just be patient people, Kanye will release this album, we just have to wait on Jesus is King.