True - Ajhani Azure

Ajhani Azure is an artist from from Brampton, Ontario, whose music, in his words, "takes elements from Latin pop and Reggaeton, just as much as it takes from jazz and R&B". While he has been making music for a couple years at this point, Azure, starting with his song “Alone released in March, has been self-producing his own tracks to further himself as a producer and take his music to the next level.

“True” is evident of that advancement. Ajhani's vocals are incredibly smooth over an extremely lush instrumental that continually builds over the course of the song. A layered and catchy chorus to coincide with infectious percussion drive the song and give the listener a physical feeling for the groove of the track. The whole vibe of this piece is perfectly constructed by Azure, who makes sure the audience is completely enveloped in the atmosphere of “True”. Every element in this track is 100% cohesive, making this song perfect for any laidback and chill playlist.

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