Trip, born and raised in Chatham on Chicago's Southeast Side, started exploring his creative talents in grade school at Dixon Elementary but did not know how to take the next step with his creations. Fast forward to high school where Trip attended MSA "IIT Math and Science Academy" - a time where Trip started to invest in the creative field and his art, beginning with photography and designing custom clothes. Previous to us sitting down and starting the formal interview, Trip expressed that he doesn't want to be known or pigeonholed into one creative outlet. He wants to be viewed as an artist, not just a photographer or designer. The passion is there, the work ethic is there, and most importantly, the vision is there.

When asked if he had a motivation behind his creations/if he knew he wanted to pursue art:

"I definitely knew I wanted to do this shit, I hated school. I hated school so much, I couldn't do it. Everything about that shit. It was crazy because all my teachers would be like, "he's so smart, he's so this, he's so that", but they would never take real interest in who I wanted to be as a person and how to help me correctly. I was always being setback in certain ways in school and being targeted and pointed out over like little bullshit, like I wouldn't listen in class. I mean, I was a really bad student. I was a shitty student, I was getting kicked out all the time and shit. They would constantly ask me why am I doing this to myself. I'm like, "I don't want to be here right now, y'all are not helping me want to be here."

While attending MSA:

"That's a charter school, that shit was lame as fuck. Uniforms, detentions if you do anything you're not supposed to do. At the end of the year one time, I had 73 detention slips or something like that. Everyone has a certain way of learning and that was definitely not my way or learning."

Who is your favorite person you've worked with?

"Kim Products, I enjoy working with my homie Kim. She just recently moved to New York for school, I always enjoyed working for her whether I'm modeling or taking photos and it's always a good experience with her because she hustles a lot. She's a Chicago-based brand, even in New York she dropping Chicago shit."

Website :

Instagram : @KimProducts

Twitter : @KimProducts

If you could pick anyone to work with, who would it be?

"Pharrell. I really enjoy Pharrell and Nigo's effect on the culture as a whole throughout the years, especially in like 2006 and now even more recently like 2012 and maybe even 2015. They really have had a crazy impact on everybody. Even if it's not very well recognized, Human Made is doing a lot of different things with their cut and sows and how they produce their clothing. They're coming out with hot designs like all the fucking time and it's limited too, they making like 2 or 3 of these things and releasing them. It's taxed but it's fashion bro, I appreciate this a lot, like how they put that effort into their clothes. They don't do shit without purpose."