• Marty Gross

Traffic - Redveil

On Twitter last Friday, 16-year-old artist Redveil came out with a self produced track “Traffic”, where the PG County artist recites words that need to be reinforced during these crucial times in America. Before the music starts, Redveil provides a tribute to Oluwatoyin Salau, a 19-year-old African-American woman who was murdered after she Tweeted about being sexually assaulted by a man offering her a ride after church. 

At the beginning of the track, there are booming traffic sounds that are likely used to reflect the chaos and dizziness that America is currently in. Redveil provides heartbreaking poetry that needs to be consistently reinforced because the words of Redveil and others have continually fallen upon deaf ears. The twinkling guitar layered on top of a sample of a woman's cry pairs well with Redveil’s soft voice. 

Poignant lines like, “My life is on the line,” or, “911 could hear the scream, wasn’t enough,” showcase the tragedies that African-Americans deal with on a daily basis. All 1-minute and 29 seconds of the track are filled with power that needs to be heard.

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