"Touch" - Mere Raj

Back in the spring of 2020 during the lockdown, I began searching for up-and-coming artists. After constant days of sitting on my laptop—sifting through the abyss of SoundCloud playlists—I came across Mere Raj and his single “Sangria.” I instantly had to find out more about him, and in the process I ended up finding one of my new favorite artist distributors, Fashionably Early. Mere Raj, an artist from Beaufort, South Carolina, is one to keep your eye on.

Last week, Mere Raj dropped his new single “Touch” and I was surprised, to say the least; it topped his past two tracks, which I thought were crafted incredibly. Mere’s voice gives us a strong presence on the uplifting instrumental. When Mere Raj says, “And when I go around your friends, they always lookin’ salty,” I first thought of the tweet, “If her nails cost $25 give her $24.98 and tell her to ask her friends for the rest since bitches love putting in their 2 cents.” The high-pitched voice Mere delivers throughout the song gives it incredible replay value. Unsurprisingly, Mere Raj is delivering gems song after song. I'm starting to realize that any beat Mere Raj touches turns into gold; he slides too smooth with his melodic tone. Go stream Mere Raj's new single “Touch” below—you won't regret it!

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