Top 10 Quinn XCII Songs

A couple weeks ago, Quinn 92 released a single entitled "Coffee" featuring Marc E. Bassy from his new album, A Letter to my Younger Self . The song's light feel and vibe makes this a perfect summer hit. During what's been one of the worst summers ever, Quinn and Marc's collaboration brings back that feeling of freedom everyone's itching for right now. "Coffee" evoked some heavy nostalgia for me; after my first listen, I immediately thought of a windows down, music blaring, long summer drive - a feeling that I've been chasing ever since the song's debut. It hit my writer's brain hard and inspired me to create a top ten list of Quinn XCII songs that I'll be listening to before his new album releasing on July 10th.

To be honest, there's not many albums that I've been this excited about. Every time Quinn XCII puts out a new product, it instantly gets put on repeat until I eventually overplay it. He even went as far as to say that this next album is the best he's ever produced. There is no doubt in my mind that it will be; he seems to get more and more in-touch with his music. While I went back to create my top ten list, it felt impossible to only include ten songs. It could have easily been twenty, but for the sake of keeping the list concise, I kept it at ten. Although my honorable mention list got quite long, I hope your favorite song was mentioned. Anyway, here's my list:

#1. "Candle" - The Story of Us (Deluxe Track)

This song was hands down my favorite to hear live. The piano and and trumpet in the Aragon Ballroom entranced the whole crowd into a wave of swayed hips and pumping hands. Everyone was seduced by the beat; it felt like Quinn controlled your body and you couldn't care less. This song might be a surprise to see at number one, but if you've seen Quinn live, you'll know why. It's a song best played loud and in a groovy setting, which, in my opinion, is the best time to listen to music like Quinn's. So in my opinion, it was well deserving of #1.

#2. "Always Been You" - The Story of Us

This single is from his debut album released in 2017, which is my favorite out of his four projects he's produced and stole the top two spots on my list. The Story of Us was his first studio album he's ever produced and appears on this list four out of ten times. This song's very different from the rest on this list, as it's slower than others, but it's always been a personal favorite of mine.

#3. "Another Day in Paradise" - Change in Scenery

This song and "FFYL" originally got me invested in Quinn XCII back in high school. Back in the hay day of Soundcloud, this project put him on the map. Only five songs long, Change in Scenery produced four timeless classics that remind people of how far Quinn has come from.

#4. "Stacy" (Single) - A Letter to my Younger Self

If this next album is anything like the two singles, it will most likely surpass The Story of Us as my favorite Quinn XCII album. "Stacy" has a similar beat to "Candle," that's straight up irresistible.

5. "Coffee" (Single) - A Letter to my Younger Self

There isn't a better pairing of two artists than Quinn XCII and Marc E. Bassy. This was a match made in heaven; the piano and guitar chorus is the most vibey duo of sounds.

After the first five songs, you could make an argument for any of the honorable mentions to be in the top ten. In that case, I left the rest of the list open to your own speculation:

#6. "FFYL" - Change in Scenery

#7. "Fake Denim" - The Story of Us

#8. "Straight Jacket" - The Story of Us

#9. "Iron and Steel" (Single)

#10. "When I Die" - From Michigan With Love

Honorable Mentions: "The Little Things," "Good Things Go," "Wounds," "Native Tongue," "Abel & Cain," "Two Tens," "U & Us"