Tino Szn drops electric new song "Crash The Party"

North Carolina has become one of the most plentiful scenes in recent years, with talent breaking through from multiple areas of the state. One of these rapidly-rising artists is Tino Szn. Over the past year, Tino has taken huge, calculated steps for each release, which has not only proved his talent to the industry, but more importantly, to his highly supportive fanbase. On August 17, another concrete step was taken with the release of his song "Crash The Party.”

Upbeat production, smooth vocals, and catchy choruses are typically the ingredients for a hit song, and all of these elements are present in "Crash The Party.” Accompanied by a fun ‘Rick and Morty’-inspired music video, Tino's rollout for this song has been solid through-and-through. The melodic changes throughout his verses keep the pacing of the track interesting. If Tino is able to sustain and improve upon this level of quality, there’s no question that he will be a star for years to come.

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