The 27 Club (Volume II): Ranking The New Generation of NFL Quarterbacks

Aside from the immortal and everlasting Tom Brady, the 2019 NFL season's primary concentration and attention grabber is the young quarterback revolution taking place right in front of our hopeful eyes. Finally, the rest of the league has something to look forward to if they don't have a Brady, Rodgers, Brees, or Wilson as their signal-caller. As the Ben Roethlisbergers and Eli Mannings of the world descend into injury limbo and deserved backup roles, the modern generation of young gunners are taking advantage of their first time in the brightest of spotlights.

Below is a ranking of the league's best young quarterbacks which will be updated semi-regularly throughout the rest of the NFL season.

The 27 Club

The Uglies

23. Luke Falk (24 years old)

2019 Season Stats (2 GP/1 GS): 296 YDS, 0 TD/1 INT, 76.2 QBR

Ranking Adjustment: -1

Luke Falk didn't even play this week (the Jets had a bye) and he still managed to move down my rankings (because Haskins had to be included after playing in his first NFL game).

22. Josh Rosen (22 years old)

2019 Season Stats (4 GP/2 GS): 482 YDS, 1 TD/3 INT, 57.7 QBR

Ranking Adjustment: -1

In their closest game of the year (a loss to the Chargers by the score of 30-10), the Dolphins actually had a flash of hope with Rosen behind center. He threw for one touchdown and a single interception, while completing 17 of his 24 pass attempts against a quality Los Angeles defense. He had the best passer rating (88.9) of the season for the 'Phins, which is certainly a small glimpse of hope for the terribly ran franchise. Still, Rosen's upside isn't as appealing as the man who was inserted ahead of him at the #21 spot in my rankings.

The Underwhelmers

21. Dwayne Haskins (22 years old)

2019 Season Stats (1 GP/0 GS): 107 YDS, 0 TD/3 INT, 32.8 QBR

Ranking Adjustment: N/A

I am a Dwayne Haskins believer. I really am. It just sucks for him that he didn't have his most valuable weapon on the field, fellow Ohio State rookie Terry McLaurin, in his debut against the New York Giants (the team who passed on him for Daniel Jones in the 2019 NFL Draft). Luckily for Haskins, this won't be the last time his Redskins face the Giants this season being that they're division rivals.

Moving forward, I think it's important to keep Haskins in as the starter, so he can gain some valuable experience as the young quarterback he is and learn how to understand NFL defenses better.

20. Mitchell Trubisky (25 years old)

2019 Season Stats (4 GP/4 GS): 588 YDS, 3 TD/2 INT, 81.0 QBR

Ranking Adjustment: -6

Trubisky has suffered a left shoulder dislocation which should sideline him for at least 6-8 weeks. It sucks, because it feels like he was just starting to turn around this season for both himself and the offense, but hey, at least we have Chase Daniel.

Daniel proved to be just as productive as Trubisky, if not more, while inside the pocket. His performance in a win on Sunday against the Vikings demonstrated that he can manage a game well enough to lead the Bears to a victory, which in turn lessened Trubisky's value as a scrambler (the scramble that led to the injury lessened the value of Trubisky's mobility as well).

19. Sam Darnold (22 years old)

2019 Season Stats (1 GP/1 GS): 175 YDS, 1 TD/0 INT, 84.9 QBR

Ranking Adjustment: -2

Darnold's still out with mono, and the Jets had a bye this week. The only reason he's declined in the rankings is because of how well the people behind him (Mariota and Winston) performed recently.

The 'What The Fuck Are We Going to Get Out of This Guy This Week?' Guys

18. 16. Jared Goff (24 years old)

2019 Season Stats (4 GP/4 GS): 1,254 YDS, 6 TD/6 INT, 82.9 QBR

Ranking Adjustment: -8

Jared Goff has fumbled 14 times in his last 13 games. He's not worth the money the Rams gave him. That's all. I just really don't like how he's played the game of football this season. Oh, he also has really small hands.

Check out this real-life, totally unedited picture of him on behalf of The Ringer.

17. Mason Rudolph (24 years old)

2019 Season Stats (3 GP/2 GS): 515 YDS, 6 TD/2 INT, 103.2 QBR

Ranking Adjustment: +1

Mason Rudolph MADE IT RAIN on Monday Night Football this week. The only issue with that is that it was against the Cincinnati Bengals, who have one of the worst defenses (and teams) in the league.

Rudolph threw for 229 yards, 24 completions on 28 attempts, and two touchdowns with a mouth-watering QBR of 124.6 in Pittsburgh's first win of the season. I'm intrigued to see how Rudolph performs against more competent defenses throughout the rest of the year.

16. 14. Josh Allen (23 years old)

2019 Season Stats (4 GP/4 GS): 903 YDS, 3 TD/6 INT, 69.6 QBR

Ranking Adjustment: N/A

Anytime anybody plays the Patriots, it's safe to just throw that performance out the window if it's anything less than unbelievable. They're just that good, and they proved that once again against the Bills this weekend.

What Josh Allen proved to the rest of the league is that he'll do anything to win, and that's something that teammates really value. Allen attempted to rush for a first down on a fourth-and-distance play late in the game, and ended up getting blasted by a Pats defender which resulted in a concussion that required Allen to leave the game for good on Sunday. Up to that point, Allen had recorded 13 completions on 28 attempts, along with an abysmal three interceptions. But, like I said earlier, he was playing the Patriots, so it's safe to just throw this performance out the window.

The Average's Average

15. Kyle Allen (23 years old)

2019 Season Stats (2 GP/2 GS): 493 YDS, 4 TD/0 INT, 118.3 QBR

Ranking Adjustment: N/A

Allen wasn't near as good in his second start of the season as he was in his debut, but he still led the Panthers to another win, and this time it was a legitimate one against the Houston Texans.

The second-year QB didn't throw a single touchdown or interception, after logging four TDs against the Cardinals in Week 3. I anticipate Allen to only become better as the season moves forward, and as long as Newton is absent from the starting lineup.

14. Marcus Mariota (25 years old)

2019 Season Stats (4 GP/4 GS): 933 YDS, 7 TD/0 INT, 106.2 QBR

Ranking Adjustment: +5

Mariota is the only quarterback in the league to not have a single turnover through the first four weeks of the season. Not an interception. Not a fumble. Nothing. He's been playing above average football for the first time in his career, and has led the Titans to a 2-2 start.

If the Tennessee signal caller can sustain this efficient style of play, then the Titans have a real shot at a playoff appearance in the crowded AFC.

13. Teddy Bridgewater (26 years old)

2019 Season Stats (3 GP/2 GS): 535 YDS, 2 TD/1 INT, 87.1 QBR

Ranking Adjustment: N/A

Teddy Two Gloves is 2-0 as the starting quarterbacks for the New Orleans Saints, and has won those two games against the Seattle Seahawks, and the formerly undefeated Dallas Cowboys. That's a pretty impressive resume for a man filling in for the legendary Drew Brees, but you have to look deeper into Bridgewater's game than just the 2-0 record to understand what he's done for them in comparison to the future Hall of Famer.

The Saints won 12-10 against the Boys on Sunday night, and didn't score a single touchdown. Bridgewater threw for 23 completions on 30 attempts, 193 yards, and an interception in Week 4. This won't be a sustainable formula as far as winning goes throughout the rest of Brees's sidelining, and the Saints will need Teddy to take more risks and therefore make more plays moving forward if they want to continue stacking W's.

12. Kyler Murray (22 years old)

2019 Season Stats (4 GP/4 GS): 1,071 YDS, 4 TD/4 INT, 78.8 QBR

Ranking Adjustment: -1

The winless rookie had a tough outing this past weekend against the Seahawks, but still flashed signs of brilliance that are very promising when thinking about Arizona's future. They often run sets including five receivers spread out wide, with Kyler in shotgun by his lonesome, and these sets are typically the most threatening because they allow Kyler to utilize his mobility and extend plays while searching for open outlets down the field.

The Difference Makers

11. Jameis Winston (25 years old)

2019 Season Stats (4 GP/4 GS): 1,167 YDS, 9 TD/5 INT, 95.8 QBR

Ranking Adjustment: +9

Jameis Winston, can't live with him, can't live without him. For all of the Famous Jameis haters out there, the dude has balled out this season. He's straight up letting loose and showcasing the arm talent that we've been aching to see for his entire young career.

This week, his eruption of talent resulted in a win over the reigning NFC champions. He had perhaps the best game of his career (28 completions on 41 attempts, 4 touchdowns, one interception, 385 passing yards, and a QBR of 120.5) and has potentially led Tampa Bay executives to believe that he really is their quarterback for the future, and maybe it's not such a great idea to tank for a new field general.

10. Baker Mayfield (24 years old)

2019 Season Stats (4 GP/4 GS): 1,147 YDS, 4 TD/6 INT, 77.2 QBR

Ranking Adjustment: +2

As far as charisma goes, Baker Mayfield is the best quarterback in the league. On Nick Chubb's 88-yard touchdown run in which he reached a speed of 21.95 miles per hour, Baker ran the fastest he has all season as well at 18.92 MPH. That's the kind of excitement you love to see out of your franchise quarterback.

Aside from reaching his peak speed on Sunday as a glorified cheerleader, Baker also played his best football of the season as a throw as well. He went 20/30 with 342 yards, and a touchdown and a pick. He had a personal season-high passer rating of 102.4 (his former high was only 83.6 in Week 2), and led the Browns to a win against their rival, the division leading Ravens. He was accurate, decisive, and determined all day, which is what we've come to expect out of the former Heisman trophy winner.

This is perhaps the first step towards the Browns turnaround that they've anticipated since the Odell Beckham Jr. trade.

9. Jimmy Garoppolo (27 years old)

2019 Season Stats (3 GP/3 GS): 739 YDS, 5 TD/4 INT, 96.3 QBR

Ranking Adjustment: -1

The 49ers had a bye this week, but I still think it's important to talk about Jimmy G. Not in the football sense, but in the, "Has there ever been a prettier quarterback than Jimmy Garoppolo?" sense. His listed nickname on Pro Football Reference is Jimmy GQ. And I like that a lot, so that's what I'm going to call him from here on out.

8. Daniel Jones (22 years old)

2019 Season Stats (3 GP/2 GS): 578 YDS, 3 TD/2 INT, 95.9 QBR

Ranking Adjustment: -1

I get it, Daniel Jones has won his first two NFL games against the Bucs and Redskins, but hey! The Bucs beat the reigning NFC champions this past weekend. So, by the transitive property, Daniel Jones's Giants are (maybe) better than the Los Angeles Rams? I don't know anymore, man. The Danny Dimes era has me lost in hysteria. I think I'm going insane over him. Whatever, #DukeintheNFL ya dig.

Anyways, Jones didn't play as well in his second career start as he did in his debut, but there were still several bright spots for the Messiah of New York football. He went 23/31 with 225 yards, a touchdown, and two interceptions in a win against Washington, and will look to improve on those relatively decent statistics against a declining Vikings team next week.

The Bonafide Weapons

7. Gardner Minshew II (23 years old)

2019 Season Stats (4 GP/3 GS): 905 YDS, 7 TD/1 INT, 106.9 QBR

Ranking Adjustment: +2

Before I sing Minshew's deserved praises, I'd just like to note that the nicknames listed for him on Pro Football Reference are "Mustache," and "The Jockstrap King." That is all.