'The World Is Your Canvas' - All Things Good

All Things Good is releasing their debut drop today, May 14th at noon. The brand that is founded by three brothers Vla, Kevin, and Ricky Fervil focuses on representing the positive things in life as they feel the opposite has been highlighted in fashion and media lately. All Things Good is described as a Luxury brand as it represents its' name in all aspects, including the fabric they use. They hope to be seen as more than just clothing and for their pieces to make an impact on you, this is shown in their statement they released in December of 2019 below

"We hope with each garment that you are able to become apart of something special to us while being reminded of all the good things to you on your journey through life."

To give some more background to the new company, we asked them a few questions about how the brand came to be and the process involved with releasing this piece.

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Hunter: How did All things Good come together/when did the idea for it start?

ATG: "All Things Good has been in talks for the last 4-5 years actually. My brothers and I have always been into fashion growing up and it got to the point where we started to like the idea of being able to make pieces that we really liked and would wear. Initially, the brand name was PUSH which had a double meaning of Pray Until Something Happens and also from our father who always reminded us that no matter what we are faced with in life we have to keep pushing. We later came up with the name All Things Good because we realized the name in itself is exactly what we wanted to represent with our clothing. We felt that the name could stand the test of time while also being anchored in something we really believe in. We feel during all three of our lifetimes we noticed a shift towards the negative getting glorified. Whether it’s fashion or media in general, there’s a huge market for brands that promote the gloomy aspects of life such as being sad or discontent with the way things are. Although those emotions are valid my brothers and I want to start glorifying things that pull in the opposite direction: All Things Good."

What inspired the first drop?

"With the first drop we were trying to think of what sort of phrase or slogan could capture “All Things Good” and it just came to us... 'The World is Your Tour Canvas.' We loved the meaning behind it because we feel that it embodies a large portion of who we are. The same way an artist can look at a blank canvas and paint it with what he/she finds good, is the same way that you and I have the capability to paint the world all around us with good. We all have dreams and passions that we want to go pursue and we feel like All Things Good is a reminder that you can achieve whatever you put your mind to."

What was the design process like?

"The design process was dope man. I still remember like it was yesterday, one of the first drafts of it was completed at around 1 or 2 something in the morning. We first took the image that we used on the back and began to play with the colors of the font that was layered on top. At first, we weren’t going to use the design that’s dropping today but over time it grew on us and we began to love it. There were so many slight changes in the distressing to get it just right and give it that ancient look. Finally, picking the right garment was HUGE to us because as seasons change we worked to get something that would do the design justice as well as pick something that would be right for the times we’d be selling it, and we finally agreed on our 14oz hoodie that you see today"

What was the hardest part of this release?

"The hardest part about this release was definitely our search for the hoodie that fit our expectations for what we would be proud to not only sell to other people but to throw on ourselves.  I think a lot of times it’s pretty easy to just buy the first thing that might look like it's of quality online without ever going through the process of sampling it and getting it in hand. It really was a long process of trial and error trying to get a hoodie that we felt was perfect."

What can we expect from all things good for the rest of the year?

"Right now we’re planning on releasing future items as a collection so that each piece can each have a deep meaning but also remain under the umbrella of a common theme. We like the idea of having all our pieces backed with some kind of substantive meaning that people can really relate to and get behind, so we’re going to continue to tell stories through our clothes. Honestly, the rest is up to God and what He has for us/where He guides us. I feel like there's no ceiling on what we can do so it’s hard to pinpoint exactly what we’re going to do, but you can expect us to keep trying to be consistent with each drop and to continue to push boundaries and reach new heights while remaining true to ourselves and what we believe in"

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