The Underground Spotlight: Larry League

Monthly Listeners: 31,756 (September 2019)

Associated Acts: Thouxanbanfauni, Danger Incorporated, Father

My Favorite Projects: Put to Rest, License to Larry, Not Coming Back

My Favorite Tracks: Gloria, Weak, Flooded, La Flare Freestyle, and Deserted

Timeline: 2014-present


To start off I should probably explain who I am and what I am doing. My name is Marty Gross and I’m a college student. That is literally all you need to know about me besides I know way too much about hip-hop. A very, very unhealthy amount. I listen to about 75,000 minutes of pure rap music a year so I am pretty much the most credible source there is. I’ve always been a person to hate popular music, even to the extent that if someone I don’t like enjoys some artist that I listen to, I will simply never listen to that artist again and projectile vomit every time a decibel of their song is played (sorry Juice Wrld). With that being said, talking about music and recommending it to people has kind of been my shit since I was in middle school, so why not write about it? Every week on Tuesday's I am going to select one underground hip-hop artist to put the spotlight on, so let’s start off with Week One. 

Who? On today’s spotlight, I have chosen Larry League. Larry League is a rap group that consists of three artists: Larry Loudpack, Randy, and SensiATL. The group is based in Atlanta and currently live there now.  Larry and Randy (which sounds like two suburban dads at a cookout but I swear they slap) are the two main vocalists of the group. SensiATL provides occasional vocals but his speciality is producing the exotic beats. They started making music in 2014 but started to pick up a cult following after they dropped the EP “Not Coming Back” and their debut album “Dirty Dingy”. “Not Coming Back” includes one of the best and most grossing Larry League songs “Gloria”. This was the start of banger after banger and quite a few great projects. 

Why?  My freshman year of high school brain stumbled upon these guys when I was listening to some old Lil Yachty (I’m talking Lil Boat 1 type shit). I noticed that Lil Yachty and Larry League had made a song together. I said “Why not” and gave the song “Rainbow” a shot. This is one of the worst Larry League songs I have ever heard. After listening to this pile of shit, for some reason, I was intrigued. These three white boys from Atlanta had something and I wanted to hear more of it. The key aspect that really grabbed my attention when listening to them was the quirky, clever lyrics. They have lots of bars that do not catch your ear initially, but once you give it a second listen, you can’t help but giggle. Simple bars like “Diamonds on my wrist so cold, you might catch a fever” or “Found a, Italian bitch and she suck it up like spaghetti” just make you chuckle and say “that’s hardddddd” in a Sway in the Morning voice. These little cheeky lines are sprinkled throughout literally EVERY Larry League song. Every time I put on a Larry League track I just instantly get resurrected into a blissful mood. Besides their goofy lyrics, they all have very unique voices when they rap. No Larry sounds like the next. This is not the rap where it is very monotone with no emotion. You can sense the eagerness in each record they have and see how much time they put into their music. As well as their voices, the group has an immense amount of chemistry, too. The way the three can bounce off of each other sounds like every song they make has been made in one take. Lastly, I have to give credit to SensiATL. He has truly created his own individual style that is unrecognized by common rap fans. He uses very creative, futuristic instruments that a lot of the rap game isn’t using. His instrumentals are funky, sporadic, and unmatched. His alluring style really has shaped what Larry League is today.  

Ok, if you are looking for some deep, lyrical rap, I just don’t think Larry League is the type of group for you. That is just not what Larry League is. But if you are just looking for a good time, to go hard in the car with your friends, and just hear bar after bar, give them a listen. Just get a lil Larry to put a smile on your face. But seriously, you really should check these guys out. I follow them on all social media and you can see that they are really grinding. They just dropped a self-titled EP and dropped an album called “Superbad”. Check out my favorite songs and albums that are listed at the top of the article. That’s all I got. Peace!!