The Top 5 Albums We're Most Excited For in 2019

Like I opened up with in my “Monthly Music Rundown” in the April mag, 2019 has been quite an interesting music year thus far. We’ve gotten memorable releases; forgettable releases. Quality releases; garbage releases. Some artists have thrived in 2019; some artists have fallen the fuck off in 2019.

As I begin writing this piece, it is the first of May. I may not be good at math, but I do know that means we still have over seven months left of this very weird year. More than half the year still lies ahead. (quick maths)

With that being said, I am hopeful that the remainder of 2019 will make up for the slightly-disappointing first half of the year. It hasn’t been all bad, but be honest- how many projects have truly impressed you so far this year? There most likely aren’t a staggering amount of projects on that mental list of yours (nor mine).

2019 still has the potential to be an excellent music year; many great artists are still yet to drop their anticipated releases this calendar year. While there are many speculations about what releases we can expect in the near future, plenty of releases have been confirmed to at least some degree. Of those, I’m going to challenge myself to pick the 5 upcoming projects that I am most excited for as a fan.

#5: Tyler, The Creator’s Next

If I had written this piece a few days earlier, this anticipation wouldn’t even be on the list. Yet, here we are- awaiting the confirmed summer release from one of music’s most eccentric and talented characters.

Just recently, it was discovered via Sony financial reports that a “TBD” Tyler, The Creator album will be released by the end of the current quarter- June 30. In timely fashion, Tyler released a 50-second snippet coordinated with a collage of his various faces. While it’s hard to really dissect a 50 second clip (especially one this unusual), I feel that it is still quite indicative of the sound and style we can expect on the TBD project.

While this news shocked me personally, it really could have been expected- Tyler has kept up with every-other-year releases for his whole career (the world would be a better place if more artists could be that consistent). As 2017’s Flower Boy is my personal favorite Tyler album, I’m extremely excited to see what he brings to the table next. I hope this next album dethrones Flower Boy as my favorite, but that will be no simple task. Regardless, this album will be a staple of my summer rotation.

#4: Tame Impala’s Next

Anyone who’s familiar with me and/or my writing should know by now that I’m quite the Tame stan, so it shouldn’t be a surprise that this one is up there on my list.

While nothing has been set in stone as far as when exactly we can expect a new Tame installment, he has been hinting at a 2019 release for some time now. Not to mention, he has dropped two stellar singles this spring- “Patience” and “Borderline”. These singles have me very excited- they are tropical and summer-friendly, trying out a sound that we have not previously heard from him. With Tame playing many festivals this summer, I have a strong feeling about a summer 2019 release. When announcing his Coachella headliner spot, Tame said: “New Year. New Shows. New Sounds.”

Also considering it’s been 4 years since the release of Currents, Tame is long overdue for a new album. It will be hard to top Currents, but I know he has the potential to. I have a feeling that his next album will have a much different sound than his previous 3, and I am more than excited to copiously listen.

#3: Chance 4