The Rise of Ritt Momney

Entertainment Weekly

Ritt Momney, aka Jack Rutter, a one-man indie rock band out of Salt Lake City, Utah, epitomizes what social media, and more specifically, what TikTok can do for a rising artist. After the release of his cover of “Put Your Records On” by Corrine Rae Bailey, the rising musician struck gold. With the cover officially achieving viral-status, the 20-year-old was offered a record deal by Columbia/Disruptor Records.

Since the deal was inked, Momney has since released a singular track that unequivocally represented the artist he was prior to the sensation became. Riddled with funky, adolescent synthesizers, beaming guitar solos, and captivating storytelling, Momney’s new track “Not Around,” deserves to be heard by the masses. While the track is genuinely entrancing itself, the rise to fame provides a story just as enthralling.

Ritt Momney, prior to being a solo project, originally consisted of Rutter and all of his best high school friends. The collective curated a few angsty, yet dreamy tracks including “Probably,” “Theatre Kid” and “Young Adult.” The collaborative crew that was “Ritt Momney” remained intact until graduation when the other bandmates were tasked with embarking on their Mormon missions.

Even more painfully, Rutter’s girlfriend exited the confines of SLC to pursue school. What was once a full band collectively producing a sound that represented their livelihood in Utah, quickly became a one-man-band consisting of Jack Rutter running the songwriting, production, and everything in-between.

Now 2019, Rutter kept the name “Ritt Momney” and soon after his new mission of solidarity launched, he released his debut album Her and All of My Friends. The lyrically-driven album carefully and descriptively recounts his experiences with the Mormon Church, relationships, love, loss, and anything that could be hindering the often-clouded adolescent mind. The amount of depth, emotion, and pure creativity purported is only comparable to the likes of Zack Villere and Briston Maroney.

From the beginning of the LP, Momney beautifully intermixed a slightly stripped version of the track “Disclaimer,” within the likes of numerous tracks throughout. The utilization of sampled parts from other songs always seems to help with the full progression of themes emphasized.

Throughout the album, Momney is portrayed as a non-biblical prophet just trying to find his way through the trials and tribulations of modern-day life. Everything about the album is non-denominational and it consistently purports the ideology that everyone deserves their own, free mind. Momney accentuated this in, my personal favorite track, “(if) the book doesn’t sell:”

“And to the parents of the kids whose tongues are in their throats
Because of tears that you will cry if they don't stick to what they know
I'm sure you're giving it your best, and I am sure it takes a toll
But whether God-given or not, our lives are not to be controlled