The Pittsburgh Steelers Need to Tank ASAP

Pittsburgh Steelers fans. I'm sorry I have to do this to you. They're one of the best, most well run organizations in all of football. They have six Super Bowl titles, which is good for the most for any team in the NFL. The Steelers are always in talks when discussing contenders. Unfortunately, this is gonna be a TUFF year. Yeah, TUFF. Antonio Brown is gone, Le'Veon Bell is gone, and Ryan Shazier doesn't look like he'll be playing football for a long time, if not ever again. But hey, how about you start the tank now? There's so many good prospects on both sides of the ball in the upcoming drafts. Follow me as I tell you why the Steelers have to shut down, and start driving the tank mobile all the way to a top ten pick.

Ben Roethlisberger isn't getting any younger. Roethlisberger turned 37 in March, and although he's been pretty good the past few seasons, he hasn't been the same Big Ben that were accustomed to seeing. The Steelers lost their two best playmakers in the offseason, as they shipped diva Antonio Brown to the Oakland Raiders, and saw Le'Veon Bell take his talents to the big apple. Roethlisberger literally has nobody to throw to, besides Juju Smith-Schuster and James Conner on check downs. He's going to miss those two greatly. The killer B's are dead, and despite having one of the top offensive lines in the game, Big Ben will struggle mightily. The worst part is that the Steelers just extended him and paid him an insane amount of money. If Pittsburgh struggles this year, which I believe they will, I think it's time for Roethlisberger to hang up the cleats, and get the cigars ready. What else does he have to prove? He's won two titles, and is a sure fire hall of famer. As my guy Bill Simmons would say, "Keep gettin dem checks".

Let's face it. The Steelers defense ain't even close to the steel curtain, or the dominant Dick LeBeau led unit of the mid 2000s with Troy Polamalu. The defense sucks. The secondary is god awful. The linebacking core is heavily lacking without Ryan Shazier. However, they do have a solid pass rush, led by T.J. Watt and Cam Heyward. Still, this defense can barely stop a nose bleed sometimes, and with the Cleveland Browns and Baltimore Ravens bulking up their offense even more, the Steelers defense will get exposed. They were able to draft a few guys that will help in the middle and in the back, but they still need a lot of help.

Start the tank now! If the Steelers are bad this upcoming year, they could target a guy like Grant Delpit from LSU, who would immediately provide firepower to the back end of the defense. He could fill a role similar to what Troy Polamalu played when he was a member of the Steelers. And in two years, they should fully tank and go for Trevor Lawrence, who is one of the best quarterback prospects possibly in the history of the game. Get those two guys, and you immediately go back to being the yearly Super Bowl Contender that you guys have been for years. If not, you will be stuck in mediocrity for the next few years, and will be looking for answers as to why we're so bad. Rooney family, Kevin Colbert, Mike Tomlin, read this article, trust me, it's gonna help you guys for the better.