The Minute: August 22, 2019

I missed the last two days because 1) I was "busy" and 2) there still isn't anything happening. A new Dunkin' Donuts just opened in Iowa City, so Futon Fartboy Dylan Fadden and I made the trek over this morning. I've said it before, and I'll say it again, but Dunkin' coffee (I got the cold brew) is honestly so mid. I'll always side with Starbucks, I guess I'm just a victim of good taste.

After Googling "dunkin donuts" to make sure I was inserting the correct apostrophes, I discovered that they've officially rebranded to Dunkin'. Smart move. The donuts wish they were mid, they taste like styrofoam.

This is mostly going to be a compilation of things I've liked on the internet over the last few days, so if you're as culturally intact as me, this should be a fun one.


Post Malone and Sublime with Rome on the Bud Light Dive Bar tour

For those who (somehow) don't already know, I'm a massive Sublime fan. They're my favorite band of all-time and I've spent countless hours listening to Bradley Nowell (RIP), Eric Wilson, and Bud Gaugh jam out across multiple albums. Frontman Bradley tragically passed away in 1996 right before the band's self-titled album Sublime released, but his art has lived on live thanks to Rome Ramirez and Sublime with Rome. Disputes with Bradley's estate aside, Sublime with Rome has provided fans who may have never seen the original group perform a chance to hear their favorite music in a live setting. In fact, Sublime with Rome was the first concert I ever went to. It was two years ago at The Rave in Milwaukee and we made our way to the front row right in front of Eric Wilson. Watching him rip bass lines and smoke cigarettes all night was a truly surreal experience.

Anyways, Post Malone is currently performing at dive bars in collaboration with Bud Light, the beer he's never caught without. When I saw that Sublime with Rome was penciled in to be his band, I considered making it to New York for a split second. I've seen videos of Post performing "Santeria" at concerts in the past, so it's clear to me that he's a Sublime fan, but them performing together? That's the recipe for an awesome show.

I was scrolling through Instagram a few days ago (I think it was Tuesday) and saw that Rome uploaded the above bit from one of their shows when they performed "Garden Grove", one of my favorite tracks of Sublime. Some of the lyrics from the song are the inspiration for a group chat I have with the two biggest Sublime fans I know, Custer and Max. We named it "Smells Like Lou-Dog" because, well, a line is "We took this trip to Garden Grove, it smelled like Lou Dog inside the van, oh yeaaah".


I found this from a headline about SZA's upcoming album and I'm so glad I did. SZA is hands down one of my favorite artists; Ctrl is an incredible album from top-to-bottom. This was my introduction to Kerwin James, a DJ and streetwear icon from NYC, and I really liked his interview style. Once I finally release my show that'll consist of me just talking to someone, I want it to feel like this conversation. Obviously asking questions, but also just letting it flow.

This was one of the first long-form interviews with SZA I've heard and it only made me fall in love with her even more. She said that her long-awaited, highly anticipated follow-up to Ctrl is coming soon; I hope soon means tomorrow.


Team USA played Australia last night. This is the only basketball news right now.

I didn't watch the game and have seen maybe five highlights from it. I'm not going to look super deep into it, I have to go get ready to stand around at work. Team USA beat Australia 102-86, as they should've. It seems as if the roster is getting thinner everyday, so hopefully they can make it to the real tournament without having to recruit the best guards of the class of 2031.