THE MINUTE: August 16, 2019

Welcome to the new-and-improved Minute. "The Minute". It has a nice ring to it, I think. I handcrafted the beautiful cover image you're looking at above; I thought it was time for The Minute to grow up a bit. You could say that The Martian has come back to Earth. I was looking to update it a bit, and when this popped in my head the last few days, I hopped on the opportunity to rebrand it. No video intro yet; I still need to figure that out. I took the weekend off so I'll have plenty of time to mess with video editing and ideas for how I want to carry it out. With that being said, thanks for reading. Let's get into it.


Boogie tears his ACL

I was at work yesterday when I looked at my phone to see multiple messages from the Burbs group chat. I don't know exactly what I was expecting read when I unlocked my phone (with Face ID on my brand new iPhone XR); probably Hunter making a really bad, out of pocket joke that we all nervously laugh at in order to protect our jobs. The harassment would've been warmly welcomed over Matty Ice saying that Boogie got hurt. I instantly shot to Twitter and Boogie's injury was confirmed. 10 minutes or so later, the severity was revealed: torn ACL.

Why Boogie, why again? This is his third major injury in two years. As much as I love basketball and the NBA, I absolutely despise the injuries. Yeah, they're apart of the game, but they've also ended careers and deprived us of seeing some of the best to ever step on the hardwood. Before Boogie went down with the first injury, a torn Achilles while with New Orleans, he was about to start the All-Star game alongside Anthony Davis and was putting up an astounding stat-line 25.2 points, 12.9 rebounds (career-high), 5.4 assists (career-high), and 1.6 steals and blocks per night. That's ridiculous. Boogie is my favorite player in the entire league for a reason, and it just sucks to see him plagued by these injuries. It was going to be so fun to watch him play with LeBron and AD this year, not to mention another former teammate in Rajon Rondo. He was going to bounce back and win his ring! Hopefully there's a way for him to comeback at some point and be apart of something special. Here's to a full recovery for Boogie; we wanna see him back on the court putting up 50-point games and triple-doubles.

TV (?)

Netflix announces new Dave Chappelle special

I forgot to mention this yesterday so I thought I'd bring it to attention in case anyone didn't catch the above announcement. Chappelle's latest special, "Sticks & Stones", premieres in just ten days and it'll be his fifth on Netflix. I actually tossed one on before I went to bed last night, "Equanimity". Chappelle is one of the best stand-ups to ever do it, so obviously I'm pumped about this. Netflix has become the king of stand-up comedy over the last few years; it's awesome to have so many great specials available in one place. I'm not getting into the scandal, but I saw Louis CK's Netflix special "2017" performed live in Milwaukee. It was one of the best live shows I've ever seen, he had the stadium rocking all night. Stand-up is such an incredible experience live, but a special is a different beast.

Semi-related side-note: Is Netflix considered TV? Streaming has become such a big part of everyday life, it's definitely taken over regular TV. The only things I'll try to watch live are sports and HBO shows, nothing else. When it was the early days and Netflix was the only major streaming player (I've had it since like 2009, the Martins are OG subscribers), it was easy. They had like everything back in the day but now every channel has their own streaming service and they take all their shows, so now you have to subscribe to like three different ones to watch all the shows you want. Who the hell is paying for CBS All Access? Show me one person. Disney + is dropping soon and that actually seems like a pretty good deal considering Disney owns the rights to everything.


Young Thug drops SO MUCH FUN

I recently learned how to embed tweets, but now I can embed music? That's fun. Shoutout Erey for teaching me how to embed shit, it's fun. Anyways, Thugger dropped his latest album, SO MUCH FUN, last night and it's awesome. Granted I'm only ten tracks in, but I don't think there have been any songs I dislike. "What's The Move" featuring Uzi is so far my favorite, and "Lil Baby" is probably second.

I was late to hop on the Young Thug train but I'm glad I did. Over the last week or so I've been listening to a lot of Thug, enough where I think I can start forming definite opinions about his music. "With Them" off Slime Season 3 is easily my favorite Thug song, I'm not sure what would even come close. I'm pretty sure Beautiful Thugger Girls is my favorite album; I know Futon Fuckboy Dylan Fadden can corroborate that statement.

If you're a Thug fan you don't need me to tell you that he dropped the album, but I'm a serious journalist, it fulfills my journalistic integrity to inform you. Happy listening, I hope you have so much fun lmao.