The Messiah

Messiah, rapper from Naperville, has been on his grind even before his hit song “Sundress Season” made ripples across the Midwest. Recently, he’s pursued his solo career and has plans to produce a project soon for his large, diverse fan base.

As a friend of Messiah’s I was expecting all the answers to come easy for me but you’ll come to see that he isn’t that simple.

Q: Let’s say you’re with a fan girl and you’ve just secured the bag- what’s your go-to position Messiah?

A: Strictly backshots, I can’t fold no other way.

Q: If you could play in any movie, what movie would it be and what role?

A: Any movie that got to do with getting to the money. If I had to pick any movie though, I’d probably play Bishop from Juice because the man didn’t care who got in his way he was gonna make that bread.

Q: In most of your songs you talk about all these bands you got, but what does Messiah spend most of these bands on?

A: Mostly exotic loud and studio sessions. If I get my hands on enough money though, Imma try to get out of Naperville though for real

Q: Continuing the subject of your lyrics, you also discuss a lot about how you push weight but how would you sell yourself as the product to a music label? What makes you stand out amongst these other local rappers?

A: A lot of guys who try to rap nowadays sound the same, they want the sound that’s gonna blow up tomorrow. What I bring to the table is that I can promise how I sound and how I produce my music is consistent. I’ll always prepare my songs, write lyrics and create art the same way I did in the start.

Q: How did Isaih DeJesus become your manager?

A: Day 1 shit honestly, he was always around when I would freestyle or record and everything fell into place that way.

Q: Where does your name “Messiah” come from?

A: First time I stepped in a real studio, I was just popping rap names off the top of my head with my guys and Messiah won the contest at the end.

Q: Where have you heard your music played outside of your car?

A: Iowa State University, Texas and University of Kentucky.

Q: Should we expect a new project or EP soon?

A: Right now I’m trying to flood my page with solid singles to publicize my music but I’ve made an EP in the past with my boy Zeth. In the future, hopefully this summer, I’m trying to create a solid mixtape for my fans.

Q: Are you interested in working with any local/global artists soon?

A: A huge goal of mine would be to work with 'LGado or Gunna but realistically I don’t have any specific artists in mind; don’t hesitate to hit me up about features. If motherfuckers wanna work, we can get to work.