The Mandalorian Episode 3 Review

Three words ...

Holy ... Fucking ... Shit

After two very well-received episodes, The Mandalorian hits a mammoth 3-run homer into the stars with "Chapter 3: The Sin". The first two episodes of the series have been a well crafted slow burn for what we finally saw come to fruition in episode 3. We're hopping right into this review, and as always...

Just a father with his son on a peaceful space trip to a sus Imperial doctor.

First-things-first, this is another episode clocking in at 37 minutes, but there is not a second wasted that does not have you captivated. The Child seems to be building a relationship with Mando, possibly seeing him as a father figure. There is a possible chance for Mando to nurture the bonding but nips it in the bud.

The Child reaches a knob on the ship's dashboard to eat (play with it?) and Mando quickly takes it away from the Child much to his sadness. Mando is keeping this professional, even after the Child saved his life from the beast from the previous episode. Whether it's the Mandalorian in him or the bounty hunter in him, Mando is cold towards the child and it's hinted to why he can be lacking any emotional capacity for attachment.

We get the best of the first two episodes plus more character development for Mando. We learn more about his relationship with the Mandalorians and his deep-rooted hatred for the Empire. We see flashbacks of Mando as a child on the run with his parents from an Imperial attack and it is the last time he sees his parents as they are killed. We have no indication that Mando and his parents are Mandalorians.

When the Child is sad, we are ALL sad.

After dropping of the Child to the Client (Werner Herzog), Mando sees the fright on the Child's face and hears his cry out for help as the child. Mando asks what they are to do with the Child breaking protocol for members of the Bounty Hunter Guild. Long story short, the Client basically tells Mando to fuck off. Bounty hunter protocol doesn't allow guild members to ask clients questions about their jobs. It is at this point, we start to see Mando's layers peel away.

He has some concern for the Child. With the purported reputation of being the best bounty hunter in the galaxy, Mando risked a lot by asking this question. For the first time in The Mandalorian, we see some sort of heart from Mando.

Mando (Left), Paz Vizla (Center) and the Armorer (Right)

Mando returns with his Beskar iron to the Mandolorian Covert enclave (a hiding place for the tribe Mando belongs to) to forge a new suit of armor, and the Armorer came through with the new drip for Mando. The remaining Beskar is used for the Foundlings. It is then we are introduced to Paz Vizla, another Mandalorian in the enclave. Paz and the other Mandalorians in hiding, shame Mando for working for the guild and taking on Imperial contracts after the damage done to the Mandalorian people by the Empire.

This is when the Mando flashback occurs and it is here in the story we see his internal conflict grow. It is revealed that Mando is a foundling, and the Mandalorians rescued him from that Imperial attack. His servitude to the guild is wavering and his loyalty to the Mandalorian for rescuing him as a child is conflicting.