• Jon Serrano

The Mandalorian Episode 2 Review

We get some key bonding time with the Mandalorian and baby Yoda, but the episode almost acts as filler.

After coming off a fabulous "Chapter 1", "Chapter 2: The Child" of The Mandalorian seems to miss the mark a bit but still delivers a fun, entertaining episode, albeit not as good as the first episode. The feeling of a Star Wars western hasn't left, as the motif still carries over and hopefully stays around all season.

Before we get into any specifics of the episode, it must be noted there is not a word spoken until the 10-11 minute mark. What's more, is that the episode clocks in at only 30 minutes, but this isn't a problem at all.

These first minutes are filled with action as the Mandalorian is attacked and defeats a group of Trandoshan warriors looking to kill the child (baby-Yoda) and finds a tracking fob. Shortly later on, the Mandalorian returns back to his ship being stripped by Jawas (a nice throwback) and a chase ensues. The Mandalorian failed and is left with a hollow ship and spends some time with the child.

Later, the Mandalorian (with the child) returns to Kuill's camp and the two agree to speak with the Jawas to discuss trades for his ship parts. Jawas ask for an egg from a cave, the egg being from an unknown beast. The Mandalorian lost his weapons and has heavily damaged armor and almost concedes to being killed by the beast, but at the last second, the child uses its Force-sensitivity to hold off the beast while the Mandalorian finishes it off for a kill. The Mandalorian receives the parts to his ship and puts the ship back together with Kuill and takes off.

The bonding time between the Mandalorian and the baby-Yoda is the pure highlight of this episode. The Force-sensitivity is hinted at earlier in the episode when the child tries to heal the Mandalorian's wound from the Jawa chase. The child is a refreshing combination of puppetry and CGI which lends itself to the feeling of the O.G. trilogy. The Child has already had a huge reaction on Twitter and looks to become one of the more popular characters in the franchise.

Blessed Baby Yoda.

The countless possibilities that are open now as the Trandoshan warriors are now seen to be in on this bounty are, even more, intriguing. We will see more in upcoming episodes as the episode does a great job of keep viewers reeled about the pure mystery of The Mandalorian. We also see a real connection starting to develop, it even hints at the Mandalorian having a soft side as he even develops a friendship with Kuill.

We need also to talk about the score from Ludwig Göransson, I, unfortunately, do not contain the capacity to discuss the finer points of musical scores (I am not afraid to admit it either). So I just have one word:


The episode is once written again by Jon Favreau but directed this time by Rick Famuyiwa. Famuyiwa had some interest cinematics and intriguing shoots on film while the story from Favreau lacks a little bit. Clocking in at only 30 minutes, this felt like it could've easily been a part of the first episode. The first two episodes of this series have both clocked in at 40-minutes or less which is less-than-appealing but far from a disappointment.

Chapter 2 premieres this Friday, 11/22, on Disney+ and follows a weekly release schedule, every Friday.

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