The Good, The Average & The Ugly (10/21-10/28)

Every Tuesday, I review what I thought was good, average and ugly from the week in music. This week, we'll be taking a look at releases from Takeoff, a collaboration between Tyga & Nicki Minaj, and another unimpressive album release from Tory Lanez.



'Last Memory' - Takeoff

A few weeks ago, I did a review on Quavo's solo debut LP, Quavo Huncho. Against my better judgement, I believe I said that Quavo is the best of the three Migos (I also may have said Quavo Huncho was good, but we'll talk about that another time).

I will say this now.

From a pure-rapping perspective,

Takeoff is the best in the group.

In the wake of his upcoming solo album, Takeoff dropped "Last Memory", a hard-hitting track that is as clear and concise as it gets from an Atlanta trap-track. On "Last Memory", Takeoff details an alcohol heavy night, where he pieces the events of the wild party together.

As simple as may sound, Takeoff does an impeccable job of getting the story across. In beautiful fashion, he switches his flow twice, hitting each pivot in full stride.

The beat is looped, but it somehow feels more complex than many may see it as. The cadence Takeoff bodies is fairly difficult, leaving nothing in the way of a great pre-album release.

I can't say I was particularly excited for his upcoming album a week ago, but "Last Memory" is a breath of fresh air from a largely overlooked member of one of the biggest trios in music today.

I expect nothing but great things, and if the numerous snippets and this song are any indication of what's to come, I have a feeling his debut solo is going to shock a lot of critics.



'Dip' - Tyga & Nicki Minaj

Few things in rap are guaranteed

Tyga making club bops is one of those things.

Released in tandem with a music video that will make any viewers head spin, "Dip" is everything I expected from the long-recognized one-dimensional artist. After a handful of truly awful solo projects, Tyga has now realized his niche, making songs that strippers can dance to.

At the end of the day, "Dip" is nothing more than tolerable. It not good, it's not bad, it's precisely what it's meant to be: a song to twerk to.

Nicki Minaj provides a solid feature verse, delivering her set of bars in aggressive fashion - a flow she can't seem to escape no matter what route she takes.

All in all, I think there's a lesson to be learned here.

Listen close, it's a simple one.

If you're only good at one thing, know your role, and maybe try some other styles if you are feeling bold.

If you know you are bad at everything but one style, stick to that one thing.

This is Tyga.

If he keeps on making party music to the likes of "Taste" or "Dip", the people will be happy.

Anything else? Fat chance.



'LoVE me NOw' - Tory Lanez

Remember how I said "few things in rap are guaranteed?"

This is another one of those "things".

While Tory Lanez making sub-par music isn't as consistent as Tyga making club bangers, his streak of garbage is beginning to look like a trend.

His previous release, Memories Don't Die, was quite possibly one of the most watered down, boring, sloppily made albums of this year.

One of the many lacking qualities it failed to hold was a presence of features.

Evidently, Tory Lanez took notice to this criticism, because his recent release, LoVE me NOw, is so overcrowded with features it's unbelievable. Clearly, Tory Lanez lost a little confidence after the widespread negative acclaim of his preceding project, because this release is roughly 20% Tory Lanez and 80% everyone else.

In some cases this method may work, but LoVE me NOw is as much of a drag as his previous project. In this case Tory hides behind the help of numerous guest verses, which in theory sounds fine. In reality, Tory Lanez looks weak and lazy from start to finish.

Tory Lanez suffers from extreme spectrum disorder. What I mean is that he either makes a bad album with no features, or a slightly better (but still terrible) album overloaded with guest features that serve no purpose but to create a facade for listeners.

So Tory, do us a favor, meet us in the middle.

Don't turn yourself into a Tyga, mix it up.

You have the talent, you have the ability, so just deliver.

That might be easier said than done...

Not really though. Not when it's this bad.

-Carter Ferryman-