Top 10 Producers of 2019


It would be hard to talk about the current state of rap music without talking about the current state of production. After all, we’re living in a time where the vast majority of rappers in the spotlight would have gotten nowhere without the power of their producers.

No hate. There’s just a lot of really talented producers out right now. Every now and then, they’ll outshine the rapper on a track. Most of the time, they’ll carry the rapper on a track.

Luckily, producers are gradually beginning to get more credit and recognition as time goes on. For the first time ever, many producers have damn near become household names thanks to their tags. Producers also now have nearly endless platforms to start their careers from- Soundcloud, Instagram, Traktrain, YouTube. While it can seem like a longshot, it has a decent rate of success. You could make fun of that kid from your hometown making music, but if you and your friends gave him reposts instead, someone out there would find his shit and like it. From there, anything could happen. Anybody has a shot nowadays, and it’s the first time ever that entering the music industry has been so accessible to the general public.

As an aspiring producer and mildly-content college student, I am inspired and relieved by the fact that I have a feasible chance to go somewhere with music if I put in enough work and play my cards right. There’s now been many to do it before me, and with that being said, I have no shortage of inspiration; there’s an abundance of uniquely successful producers that I can take notes from. Not just myself, but any other aspiring producer or artist out there.

There are too many producers to count that are making waves right now, but there’s still levels to it. There’s a big difference between award-winning producers and producers who have had a Soundcloud hit or two.

In this “State of Production” address, I will break down the Top 10 producers at the moment. Keep in mind, this is just my humble opinion. However, I believe I can speak for many other production aficionados.

#10: Tay Keith

XXL Magazine

The 22-year-old from Memphis recently asserted himself as a force to be reckoned with in the world of production, making an absolutely monstrous splash in 2018. Love him or hate him, he probably had one of the biggest breakout years that a producer has ever had.

Anyone who’s listened to rap music in the past year should be familiar with Keith’s infamous tag. His raunchy and unforgettable tag blessed a number of last year’s biggest chart-toppers: “Sicko Mode”, “Nonstop”, “Look Alive”.

“Sicko Mode” even got the man a Grammy nomination - the icing on the cake that was Keith’s 2018. Not to mention, he also graduated from Middle Tennessee State University with a degree in Media Management (I’m currently pursuing the same degree, so it goes without saying that I look up to him immensely). Tay Keith’s 2018 was literally straight out of a storybook, but he’s just living proof that anyone can do the same if they put in the work.

However, I won’t lie. Tay Keith isn’t exactly the most unique producer; he’s not necessarily doing anything too new or exciting on a sonic level. Despite this, he has definitely found his niche within the trap music scene. Tay Keith and his Memphis counterpart, BlocBoy JB, set a new standard for radio bops last year. Keith’s hard-hitting, 808-heavy beats and JB’s goofy, energetic flow and dancing made for a very lucrative combination together. They effectively brought bopping music back into the spotlight.

Tay Keith’s potential is immense. He obviously has star power, both in his own endeavors and in helping others shine. He has a good head on his shoulders - he’s business savvy and he also serves as a positive role model. As he has only been in the spotlight for a year now, I’m excited to see how he continues to evolve and make a career for himself.

Favorite Tay Keith Beat: “Nonstop” - Drake

#9: Maaly Raw

The Fader

While he isn’t exactly the biggest name, Maaly Raw has delivered us classics for years now.

Jamaal Henry, a 24-year-old from Philadelphia, has been Lil Uzi’s right-hand producer for most of his career. Even if you have never heard of Maaly Raw, you’ve likely heard plenty of his songs. Some of his most notable credits are “Money Longer”, “Do What I Want”, and Uzi & Carti’s “Shoota”. Aside from Uzi, Maaly Raw has also produced for names such as Meek Mill, A$AP Ferg, G Herbo, and French Montana.

To me, Maaly Raw has always had one of the most unique sounds in the game. It’s kind of hard to describe it, but I’ll try my best.

I find his sound very futuristic. No one is really making beats that sound like his; I personally imagine that his sound is like 5 years ahead of the game. Maaly Raw’s crisp drums are fairly similar to most drums (and patterns) that you’ll hear nowadays, but his melodies are where he really shines. He’s not afraid to use sounds that you’d never really hear anyone else use. A lot of his sounds are reminiscent of what I imagine space sounds like - vast and beautifully warped. Many of his high-energy melodies are almost reminiscent of colorful European dance music. I’m not sure if he’s ever sampled any, but I wouldn’t be surprised. Maaly Raw’s production is genre-ambiguous; I believe it’s why him and Uzi work so well together.

One can only hope that Maaly and Uzi continue to bless us with classics for years to come. That is, if Uzi wants to stop playing with us and drop Eternal Atake. However, I digress. With or without Uzi, Maaly Raw will continue to be one of rap’s most unique and talented producers.

Favorite Maaly Raw Beat: “Dark Queen” - Lil Uzi Vert

#8: Pierre Bourne


Aside from Metro, Pierre Bourne has arguably had the most success with tag promotion.

“Yo, Pierre! You wanna come out here?” absolutely dominated the culture in 2017. Everybody and their mom was saying it. Pierre’s contributions to Playboi Carti helped both himself and Carti get the recognition they’d been working for, basically turning both of them into modern-day household names. Ever since, the Queens bred rapper and producer has been making himself into one of rap’s most respected names on both sides- the mic & the keys.

Pierre Bourne absolutely infiltrated the game in 2017, blessing us with a multitude of classics while establishing his own unique spot in the music world. Bourne’s production is very ear-grabbing; I’ll never forget how stunned I was my first time hearing “Wokeuplikethis” on Carti’s debut. The piercing, yet wavy guitar melody and thunderous bass & kicks instantly caught my ear as something that I’d never heard before.

Those thunderous kicks, claps, and bass have continued to serve as the lifeblood of Pierre’s production. You know a Pierre beat as soon as you hear it - the often lo-fi and playful melodies; the pleasantly aggressive 808’s. Pierre’s beats bump noticeably harder than the vast majority of mainstream producers. Yet, Pierre’s beats are rarely ever obnoxious. Thanks to his formal education in sound engineering, Bourne has a knack for ear-pleasing. He has his own secret sauce, if you will. His extensive knowledge of engineering grants him a definite one-up against most other producers.

Pierre has also quietly built an impressive discography of his own, with 3 mixtapes, 2 EP’s, and a handful of singles under his belt. He is currently letting the anticipation rise for The Life of Pierre 4, which will be his first solo project in over 2 years. If it’s anything like the music he’s already blessed us with, we’re in for a treat.

Favorite Pierre Beat: “Right Now” - Playboi Carti

#7: Murda Beatz


Ah, Murda Beatz. The “White Mamba” of production.

The 25-year-old hailing from Ontario, Canada has spent the past five years steadily establishing himself as one of the best in the business. Now, it’s hard to deny his dominance. He has produced hit songs for many of music’s biggest chart-toppers: Drake, Migos, Travis Scott. For better or worse, it appears as if he is just beginning; the Canadian all-star has only tightened his grip on the music industry.

Murda Beatz is literally a beat machine. The man seems to crank out hit after hit with ease; his list of credits could be a scroll. One thing I’ve always appreciated about Murda is the versatility of his sound. Unlike many mainstream producers, Murda has never stuck with the same sound for too long. He can provide simple trap anthem beats; he can provide wavy, laidback beats; he can provide nostalgic R&B beats. He is truly a jack-of-all-trades in the production world.

Fun Fact: When Murda first sent beats to Migos, they didn’t believe he made them. They flew him out and made him sit down to make a beat in front of them.

Favorite Murda Beat: “123” - Smokepurpp, or “Portland” - Drake

#6: Boi-1da

Nation of Billions

Boi-1da - another Canadian legend. The OVO in-house producer has had a long and successful career; he has basically spent his entire career thus far producing for Drake. He and Drake first linked on Drake’s first ever mixtape Room for Improvement in 2006 (I had no clue that tape even existed until now). Ever since, Drizzy and Boi-1da have been quite the dynamic duo - bringing many trophies home to the OVO empire. Boi-1da is behind such classics as “Best I Ever Had”, “Over”, “Headlines”, “0 to 100”, and “God’s Plan”.

Aside from Drake and other OVO-imprint artists, the 32-year-old producer hailing from Toronto has also produced hit tracks for Eminem, Rihanna, Kendrick Lamar, and Jay-Z.

Boi-1da has a knack for incorporating his personal influences into his beats, fusing new and old styles alike. Being of Jamaican descent, boi-1da has a personal enamorment with dancehall music. This dancehall influence shines through on tracks such as Rihanna’s “Work” and Drake’s “Controlla”. While these tracks were very commercialized, they are beautiful displays of genre fusion in action. In my eyes, it is undeniable that boi-1da has been an important backbone of Drake’s stylistic evolution - especially the “tropical” Drake we’ve seen often since Views.

Boi-1da is well on his way to becoming a true veteran in the world of production. He has supplied us with over a decade’s worth of versatile classics, and he shows no signs of slowing down any time soon.

Favorite Boi-1da Beat: “0 to 100” - Drake

#5: Southside