The Bulls Are a Mess

This felt right.

Remember how I said that KD should come to Chicago? Yeah, I take it back. I may not like KD, but nobody should submit themselves to the utter disaster that has become the Bulls. The NBA regular season is basically a reality show with all the drama being reported throughout the league on a daily basis, but the Bulls aren't even entertainingly dramatic; at this point it's getting pathetic. Despite the excitement that surrounded the Derrick Rose era, there has been so much underlying front office bullshit that has continually derailed this team for as long as I can remember. GM Gar Forman and President of Basketball Ops John Paxson did flip Jimmy Butler for Lauri, LaVine, and Kris Dunn, and drafted Wendell Carter Jr., but their recent incompetencies paired with on-court failure has led me to my breaking point. (Just fire everyone, this is ridiculous and it makes my face hurt.)

On Friday night, the Bulls beat the Oklahoma City Thunder at home, a super impressive win against the second-best team in the West. Wendell even gave us a great highlight when he stuffed Russell Westbrook's dunk attempt ( At this point the Bulls should just lose every game since it seems they're being driven into a state of oblivion, but a good win is a good win. Saturday was a much different story, however. The Boston Celtics, a team that was struggling but seemingly picked up the pieces, came into the United Center and absolutely decimated the Bulls. It was BAD. They handed the Bulls a 56-point loss, 133-77, the worst home loss in franchise history. I turned the game on and saw they were down by like 30 in the third quarter and instantly turned it off. What the fuck happened? I think I may have an idea...

Gar Forman (right) looks like a homeless fish

The problem is the front office. Fred Hoiberg, while unsuccessful during his tenure, was unfairly fired (I changed my mind on this). He was brought in to run a high-tempo offense and it seemed like he was finally getting the right players for his system, until they all got hurt. Just as Lauri re-entered the lineup, and Dunn and Bobby Portis (animal) are getting close, Hoiberg got canned. Was he expected to win with Cam Payne, Jabari Parker, and Cristiano Felicio playing decent minutes? This isn't the first time the front office has been shitty to a head coach. They famously hated Tom Thibodeau, even though he was Coach of the Year in his first season as an NBA head coach after leading the Bulls to a 62-20 record in 2010-11 while helping Derrick Rose earn MVP and orchestrating a monster defense. The rift between the front office and head coaches is nothing new for the team, and I don't see it ever improving with GarPax at the helm. They need to be fired, and shit, maybe it's time for owner Jerry Reinsdorf to sell. Since Jordan, the team has been nothing but a let-down with shimmers of hope that are quickly dimmed by the substandard front office. They always take one step forward, whether it be drafting Rose or the Butler trade, and then take two leaps back. It's getting exhausting, and I'm not sure it's going to turn around. This was supposed to be a year of improvement for the Bulls, but instead they're the second-worst team in the league (6-21, 15th in the East).

The fact that the team had a group chat yesterday in which they debated even going to practice goes to show the state of disarray the Bulls are in. Some players pushed not going (probably Jabari), and it seems like new head coach Jim Boylen may not be the guy of the future. It's only been a few games, but it seems like he's already losing the locker room. It seems pretty evident that Zach LaVine (24 points per game) isn't a huge fan, and the last thing you want is one of your young stars going against the new coach on day four. All that the last few days has shown me is that the front office is still absolutely horrible and Wendell Carter Jr., who is four months younger than me, is the most mature player on the team.

I have nothing left to say on this (right now). This team exhausts me and it's finals week so I can only devote my caffeinated brain to so much.