The 3 Concerts I Wish I Could've Seen.

New Zealand artist Gin Wigmore once said, "It's easy listening to a record, but a live performance is so personal and real." This holds true in my eyes, seeing as my best experiences with modern music have sourced themselves in live shows. Today, I'll be sharing a short list of the 3 live performances I would give anything to see, but missed due to time constraints/not being alive - as well as a handful of concerts that follow close behind.


Nirvana Live at Reading Festival (1992) - Reading, England

On August 30th, 1992, spectators from around the world gazed in utter confusion as Kurt Cobain was wheeled out onto the stage in a wheelchair, draped in a hospital gown.

What followed was perhaps the greatest live show of the decade.

Over the course of 75 minutes, the Kings of Grunge delivered a shock-and-awe performance - lighting the streets of Reading on fire with cuts from Bleach (1989) and their genre defining magnum opus, Nevermind (1991).

Nirvana Live at Reading is particularly unique, seeing as the live show later distributed in physical sales on CD, Vinyl and DVD. It's uniqueness doesn't come in this sense, but rather the acclaim it received; the "album" was given universal acclaim, as music companies like Rolling Stone, Pitchfork and NME named it the best Alternative Rock album of the year.

A live show.

Album of the year.

I rest my case.


Kanye West Live at Coachella (2011) - Coachella Valley, California

There's a video on YouTube that lives in my head.

It's a clip from the opening sequences of Kanye West's incredible performance at the wildly popular Coachella Valley Music Festival, held annually.

The clip begins with the man of the hour strutting from his perch above the crowd towards the stage. The speakers blare what sounds like the three basic chords to "Power", Kanye's chart-topping monster. Justin Vernon, a close friend of Kanye and lead singer/founder of incredibly innovative indie rock collective Bon Iver, is setting the crowd into a hypnotic trance with a series of keyboard riffs.

Kanye reaches the stage, surrounded by background dancers.

The music stops.

He raises a fist, and simultaneously, the crowd of close to one-hundred thousand chants "KANYE, KANYE, KANYE, KANYE".

He slams his fist down, and all at once, the dancers, spectators and co-musicians begin the infamous "power clap".

The rest is history.

In all honesty though, this hour long performance is incredibly difficult to but into words, so i'd suggest looking it up for yourself.

(Here's the clip I'm referring to, if you don't get chills watching this... then you're probably a psychopath).


Jimi Hendrix Live at Woodstock (1969) - Bethel, New York

The story behind Jimi Hendrix's now-infamous Woodstock performance is something of a fairytale.

Due to various factors, Hendrix was forced to reschedule his headlining set. Contrary to his peer's suggestions, Hendrix opted to perform at 9am the following day, which on paper seemed wild beyond belief.

Think about that - one of the world's greatest musicians at one of the world's most well-recognized festivals... performing at a time when most people are finishing breakfast.

Jimi's decision proved to be a good one, however, as he and his bandmates tore through an awe-inspiring set - playing cuts from Electric Ladyland (1968), Axis: Bold as Love (1968) and Are You Experienced? (1967).

Oh, and it was in front of 250,000 people.

Need I say more?

(This clip is of, what many speculate, is one of the greatest social statements in classic rock history - a segment that sees Hendrix take "The Star Spangled Banner" a set it on fire with his immense talent).


While these are certainly three of my all-time favorite live concerts, my love for live music reaches far beyond this trio. Below, i've linked clips to a handful of some other concerts I would've love to have seen:

Rage Against the Machine Live at Finsbury Park (2010) - Finsbury Park, London

Skepta Live at WooHah! (2016) - Hilvarenbeek, Netherlands

Franz Ferdinand Live at T in the Park (2014) - Strathclyde Park, Scotland

Wu-Tang Clan Live at Glastonbury (2011) - Glastonbury - (Wilton Farm, Pilton, Somerset), England

-Carter Ferryman-