TENET's Theatrical Release and What to Expect From Christopher Nolan's New Film

The movie industry’s most highly anticipated film of the year, Christopher Nolan and Warner Brothers’s TENET, will be officially released on September 3rd. TENET has experienced one of the clunkiest roll-outs in recent cinematic history due to COVID-19. The decision to release the movie is both an impatient and bold one. Neither Los Angeles or New York City, the two biggest markets for movie theaters in America, have reopened their theaters. Warner Bros and Nolan are relying on international audiences to supplement the lack of income from American audiences.

Despite a global pandemic, its debut has still been eagerly awaited by film-bros who think of Interstellar as an unparalleled masterpiece and more casual movie-goers who watch Nolan’s films for set pieces with private jets ramming into buildings. I personally feel as if I sort of fall into both categories. I’ve been eagerly waiting this movie for what feels like a little over a year now, although I’m not the biggest fan of any Nolan movie in particular aside from The Dark Knight. I am, however, very much fascinated with the new generation of A-list cast members and how they perform in a $250 million production.

The palindrome titled film features John David Washington as the protagonist named Protagonist and Robert Pattinson as the Christopher Nolan stand-in a la Dom Cobb in Inception. Nobody, even people who have already seen the movie, is entirely positive as far as the movie’s plot is concerned.

What we do know about TENET is that it will be Nolan’s impression of a science-fiction James Bond film with intense action scenes and masterful set pieces much like the rotating hallway in Inception or the tumbling truck in The Dark Knight.

Whether or not you’re comfortable with attending movie theaters at this current disastrous moment in time is totally your decision, unless you live in LA or NYC, but I do find it quite ironic that the slogan for this film is, “Time runs out.”