• Michael Magitman

"teenage love!" - Atsen (ft. Smba)

Atsen is a 17-year-old Nigerian hip-hop artist who has been cementing his sound for the past couple of years, releasing singles through YouTube and SoundCloud. If you enjoy artists like Juice WRLD and XXXTENTACION, Atsen strikingly resembles what these artists transpire through their music. Featuring one very unique Chicago artist named Smba (who also mastered a couple of tracks on this EP), "teenage love!" caters to the brighter side of Atsen's mind—elegantly merging opposing forces to make this a MUST LISTEN, people! Gladdening guitar strums fill the room, guiding your ears center stage as Atsen glides over the track speaking to his dreamgirl of the angst that lies in teenage love! (Who hurt you?) I can feel the immense love that flows but is eclipsed by the question of self-worth (a feeling most of us can relate to). The impressive development of lyrical execution on this single displays Atsen's rapidly-growing maturity and relatability. I can say that I am honored to be able to write about the future stars that will make waves this year. Have a great weekend, and tune in next week for more rising stars.

Enjoy 'teenage love!' of the EP 'My Lena My Lena Where Did You Go?!*' below

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