'Ted Lasso' Season 2, Episode 4 Recap: Christmas in August

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Where are we? What time is it? How long has passed since the last time we saw the Richmond squad? I can’t answer any of these questions, though this week’s episode sure raises them. I suppose this must have been filmed in December, but it seems strange that Lasso’s Christmas episode aired mid-August. I wasn’t quite sure what to do with it. That’s not to say this week’s episode wasn’t good - it was absolutely delightful - it just seemed to be rather abrupt.

The week kicks off with the whole team doing a Secret Santa exchange in the locker room, at which Jaime forgets a gift and calls upon Keeley and the Diamond Dogs to save him. They do, of course, and that is sadly the last we see of Jaime this week. I hope you had a happy Christmas, my love! I will say, though, that Kola Bokinni, who plays team captain Isaac, looked GOOD as Santa. He stole the show from Jaime in this week’s opening without question.

The Diamond Dogs, plus Keeley and Becca, then move on to discuss their Christmas plans - most significantly, this includes Keeley and Roy’s “sexy Christmas," Ted’s all-day Facetime session with his son, Becca’s Christmas party at Elton John’s house (are we going to see Elton this week?), and Higgins’ family Christmas, where he plans on hosting any of the Richmond players who don’t have family in London to spend the night with.

Of course, nobody’s holiday goes as planned. Ted’s son hangs up early to play with his new toys, leaving Ted alone on Christmas (sad Ted literally devastates me, without fail). Higgins, who was planning on having only one or two players show up, is surprised to see essentially the entire team in his living room by the end of the night. But the highlight of the week, as usual, was Roy Kent, who shows up to Keeley’s sexy Christmas with his niece Phoebe - only to find out Phoebe is sad because a boy made fun of her at school for having bad breath. What ensues next is as light-hearted and goofy as we could expect from a Lasso Christmas feature - Roy, Keeley, and Phoebe go door-to-door like carolers, except they are on the hunt for a dentist to cure what they refer to as Phoebe’s “medically bad” breath. That poor sweet child. This entire plotline had me losing my mind.

In a delightful, though not at all unexpected turn, Becca ditches her A-List Christmas party to check on Ted, who she had suspected would end up alone after his Facetime plan fell through. The two go on a mission to deliver gifts to local children and culminates with them singing carols in Higgins’ front lawn - which the entire team eventually runs out to join.

Seem short? I thought so, too. There wasn’t a ton of substance to this week’s episode in terms of long-term plot development or conflict resolution, but it was hearty and enjoyable just the same as any other week. We have still yet to find out the consequences of Sam’s decision to boycott the team’s sponsor in last week’s episode, but it sort of seems like nothing happened at all, considering the whiteboard in the locker room at the beginning of the episode showed that the team had four wins and four losses in addition to all of their draws, which suggests the boys have played seven or so games since we last saw them - and Sam is still around (thank God).

If you know me, you know I love me some substance, but even still I don’t know that I would call this week’s episode disappointing. I can tell you with certainty that this will be an absolute delight to revisit this holiday season.

Episode rating: 4 stars

Best quote: Roy to Phoebe: “What have you got to be sad about? Did one of the Paw Patrol dogs die?”