'Ted Lasso' Season 2, Episode 10 Recap: Ted at a Funeral

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For the none of you who read these recaps religiously, I apologize for being late this week. I was in Wyoming looking at moose. Anyways, Lasso is back on track after last week, finally giving us more of the promising plotlines that we left off on over two weeks ago now. This week revolves around Becca’s father, who is (spoiler alert) dead now! When I first made a comment about how the show this season seemed to revolve around daddy issues, I was kind of joking. Imagine my surprise when it turned out I was 100% correct!

We open on Becca in bed with Sam. I will say that, after my last recap debating this relationship, it turns out there is almost no ill-will towards it. And you know what? Fine. I’m happy for them! It appears that some time has passed since we last saw the two kiss. For approximately two weeks, Becca and Sam have been dating in complete secret. It is clear that Sam would like to scream it from the rooftops, and that Becca would like to go to the grave without telling anyone else in the workplace. Humble him, girl boss! Her mom walks in on them half-naked in the kitchen, reprising a scene from earlier this season, to tell Becca that her father has passed.

Isaac announces to the team that everyone will be in attendance at the funeral. Meanwhile, Keeley expresses to Roy how much she hates funerals because she doesn’t like having to act sad. Roy is unsympathetic to Keeley. It is clear he has no emotions or superstitions about death, which fairly is on-brand. Keeley is not pleased, however, and it seems another fight may be on the horizon.

Ted, after starting to prepare for the funeral, has another panic attack. We understand why, now, as he clearly feels emotional about his own father’s passing when thinking about Becca. He calls Dr. Sharon (who we love now - full 180°. Remember when I hypothesized she would be the season's villain? I guess I can’t be right about everything). It is safe to assume at this point he will not make it to the church.

Sassy and Nora, our favorite supporting characters, show up to support Becca. Whenever the two of them are around, you know the episode is about to bang. The sexual tension between Ted and Sassy is enough on its own to keep me watching. Keeley, upon seeing Sassy outside the church at the funeral, breaks out into shrieks that are reciprocated by the latter. At this point, I audibly snorted. They discuss the theory that Becca has a secret romance brewing.

I’m gonna skip over the funeral part because I didn’t care for Becca singing. Prior to this, the girls regroup in the back, where Becca reveals to everyone she has been kissing Sam. There is a lot of screaming and one angry reverend (or whoever that guy was - I’m Jewish). There is a wonderful scene in which Becca reveals to her mother that she hated her father because she knew he was a cheater. (Daddy issues!) Her mother tells Becca she knew about this, and Becca responds by saying, “I hate you too, then, for letting him treat you like that.” Her mother says she is just happy Becca feels anything about her. The whole thing is sad and sweet.

At the same time, Ted is explaining to Dr. Shannon that he never actually attended his father’s funeral after the suicide because he was mad at his dad for quitting on him and his mother. He explains (as we all assumed) that after his father gave up, he promised himself that nobody in his life would ever feel misunderstood or underappreciated ever again. Poor sweet Ted! He manages to show up to the funeral just in time to join in singing with Becca during her eulogy, which is tacky and cute in a way that only Ted Lasso can pull off. Then there is a reception at Becca’s house, and Ted leaves with Sassy. We LOVE that!

In the meantime, Becca, conflicted and upset, decides to call things off with Sam until she can get her shit together. I predict a reunion next season. Keeley, still upset with Roy, is approached by Jaime, who confesses that he is still in love with her, and is a changed man now. He wants her back! DRAMA! Approximately two seconds after this, Roy approached Keeley to offer a heartfelt apology. I love you, Roy Kent! What will Keeley do next week? We will have to see.

Lest I mention that evil horrible Rupert, Becca’s cheati