Take Flight - Tino SZN

For being the 18th most populous city in America, it seems like Charlotte, NC has been pumping out a majority of the newest stars in hip-hop. 16-year-old Tino SZN is 100% on that path. Tino is an artist that uses melody to his advantage, but does not use it in a sense where it carries him. His energy on a track is something that you can feel, and he understands to the fullest extent how to move a song forward in the most catchy way possible by changing flows, the pitch in his voice, and melodies.

Tino's latest project Take Flight is proof of the above statement. The 15-minute, 5 song EP is an extremely fun listen. This is something you can easily throw on in the car and put your friends onto. The project's production quality is extremely high; his instrumental choice combined with the high quality mixing makes this project incredibly solid. On top of that, catchy hooks and high energy verses push the EP to the next level. Personally, my favorite track on the project is “Chrome Hearts” - the flow is infectious and the beat compliments Tino's melody perfectly. Throughout the EP, you can easily understand Tino's versatility and why he will easily be on everyone's radar soon.

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