• Jon Serrano

Supreme Fall/Winter 2019 Bags/Accessories

As part of our more in-depth coverage of Supreme's Fall/Winter 2019, we now turn our attention to probably the most aspect of Supreme, its accessories and bags, and it's easy to see what takes the crown of most hyped.

The standout is of course the collab with Honda on a Honda CRF 250R. It is more than likely that the dirt bike will be an in-store release only, so make sure to stay tuned to see what week it drops to register for a spot in the in-store release.

Other items include something for those into baking and students. The World Famous brand has came together with Pyrex and Post-It to make a measurement glass and flag notes that are adorned with a mini box logo.

Another weird addition to this season is Supreme/Blu burner phone. The burner phone is an unlocked GSM 3G Blu mobile phone with Supreme branding all over the phone. To round out the standouts, there is also a voodoo doll, Timex watch collaboration, gold-and-silver plated dumbbells as well as a multitude of keychains and pins.

When it comes to bags, we see a variety of backpacks, duffle bags, shoulder bags, rucksacks and waist bags coming in standard colors and even having a leather option for such bags.

And finally of course we must remember Supreme is a skating brand as we see skate accessories and decks to cap off this Fall/Winter 2019 season.

The first release of Supreme's Fall/Winter 2019 collection is set to release Thursday, August 22 only in Supreme's New York, Los Angeles and European in-store locations with Japan seeing their in-store releases August 24. The online shop will be updated on Monday, August 26, with Supreme's regularly scheduled Thursday releases the following week. Japan's online release is scheduled for August 31.

For an more in-depth look at Supreme's Fall/Winter 2019 collection, make sure to follow the links below. Stay tuned to Burbs Entertainment to follow up with Supreme's weekly releases.