• Emmanuel Reyes

Supreme Fall/Winter 20 Lookbook/Preview Review

Supreme's Fall/Winter 2020 Lookbook and Preview has been officially released. It features a Fox Racing collaboration, a Smurfs collab, a Chucky doll, and even toothpaste. We will also get a restock on the Supreme Box Logo Nike Air Force Ones. Here's a look at everything that we know that is dropping and what I think is worth picking up and what I think you should pass on.


The lookbook is one of the things I look forward to most when it comes to Supreme. I like to go through the preview first to give myself an idea of what I love and what I hate. Then, I head over to the lookbook to see how Supreme put together some of the pieces. The majority of the time, it changes my view on the pieces that I thought were absolute trash. Here are my Top 3 favorite and least favorite fits from the lookbook.

My Favorite Fits

1. Big Logo Paneled Zip Up Hooded Sweatshirt and Polartec Overalls

To be honest, I'm not a big fan of this zip up hoodie. The Supreme spell out is too much for me but I do like how the color blocking on it was done. However, there is just something about these all black Polartec overalls that make this hoodie look so good that this is probably my favorite fit in the whole lookbook and that just blows my mind.

2. Stone Washed Sweater and Supreme/Toshio Saeki Work Pant

I picked this fit solely because of these pants. The patchwork on these Toshio Saeki pants are so fire. I love the mix of black/white patches with the colored pieces. The pants just go hard, that's the bottom line. I also like the choice of the simple stone washed sweater so it doesn't take away from the pants since there's so much going on with those.

3. Watches Reversible Puffy Jacket, Anti Hooded Sweatshirt and Regular Jean

My favorite jacket of the whole season is the Green/Black color way of the Watches Puffer without a doubt. The blurred image of the watch face was done perfectly, I love that it was spaced out instead of an all over print. Plus, if you're not about it being so loud, it reverses into a plain all black puffer with a small box logo. Paired with the orange anti hooded sweatshirt for that different pop of color which really ties it all together. I do think the coral regular jean is a little much but it couldn't ruin such a dope jacket.

My Least Favorite Fits

1. Crochet Hooded Zip Up Sweater and Double Knee Denim Painter Pants

This mosaic tile looking ass sweater is not my cup of tea. If they were going for the vibe of making it look like a 98 year old woman with the shakes knitted this. I hate the knit, I hate the color and I hate the zipper. Plus, it is paired with the double knee painter pants which makes this look even worse. The big ole knee pads they decided to toss on these dad pants makes me sick and for those reasons, I'm out.

2. Faux Fur Reversible Hooded Jacket and 2-Tone Clinch Pant

Sticking with the elderly theme, the jacket here reminds me of Moroccan shag carpeting. In this case, that is not a good thing. I don't hate the Supreme spell out on the back but it certainly doesn't save this piece. I have no hate for the pants.

3. Chains Quilted Jacket and Stone Washed Black Slim Jean

This Versace wannabe jacket hurts me. Between the black collar’s awkwardness, the random chains, playing cards, diamonds and pilers, there’s just too much going on. I like the quilted pattern and the green isn't awful, but the overall design is overwhelmingly atrocious.


Here's a complete look at everything we know that is dropping this season, including my favorite and least favorite pieces.


My Favorite My Least Favorite

Watches Reversible Puffy Jacket Penguins Hooded Fleece Jacket


My Favorite My Least Favorite

Blow Back Rayon S/S Shirt Studded Collars Rayon S/S Shirt


My Favorite My Least Favorite

Bobsled L/S Top Fuck Sweater


My Favorite My Least Favorite

Spray Hooded Sweatshirt Overprint Crewneck


My Favorite My Least Favorite

Toshio Saeki Work Pant Rib Sweatpant


My Favorite My Least Favorite

Jet Tee Tire Tee