• Dylan Fadden

Super Bowl Appetizer

Over the years, Super Bowl Sunday has integrated itself as an American holiday. It's a time where people gather and spend time together, with the ancillary events seeming nearly as important as the game itself. The event has evolved to the point where everyone—no matter how knowledgeable they are—can still enjoy the event. It all can be a lot to handle, but don't you worry—in preparation, the Burbs Sports team collected answers for you ahead of the big game. From our favorite prop bets all the way to our favorite Weeknd song, we've got you covered.

First and foremost, pick your winner and the final score.

Matthew Harris: Bucs 31, Chiefs 28

Connor Sheehan: Chiefs 31, Bucs 28

Ryan Dobbs: Chiefs 35, Bucs 24

Dylan Fadden: Chiefs 38, Bucs 34

Sriman Narayanan: Chiefs 30, Bucs 21

What’s your favorite Super Bowl prop?

Matthew Harris: National Anthem U120.5 seconds. Eric Church has never sung the national anthem and is on the record saying that he’s nervous. When you’re nervous, you tend to go faster. Jazmine Sullivan has done it twice, clocking in at 1:38 and 1:47. A duet could take a little longer, but I expect a fast-paced anthem with Sullivan taking the lead.

Ralph James: Le’Veon Bell anytime TD +750. Kansas City scores a lot. That much we do know, and Andy Reid always seems to score with the oddest players not named Travis Kelce or Tyreek Hill.

Ryan Dobbs: Scotty Miller +425 to score anytime. Am I positive that Scotty Miller is going to score in this game? Absolutely not. Am I confident this is great value for the money you’d be putting down? 100%. For me, it comes down to this: we know that by the end of the season, teams really have started to get a beat on each other. You really have to start breaking out at least one new big play or concept in these deep playoff games if you are going to pull it off. Or at least something that you haven’t pulled out in a very long time; the element of surprise, if you will. The point in relation to Scotty Miller being that with his speed and savvy in the slot, I can see him being a part of one of those kinds of plays, namely in the red zone.

Dylan Fadden: Tyreek Hill O94.5 Yards. I absolutely love this prop. The chance of this hitting regardless if the Chiefs win or lose is extremely high. Hill has impressed throughout the season, but even more so in the playoffs—posting 110 and 172 yards in their two games. The rotating carousel of the “best receiver in the league” is always changing, but this year Hill has inserted himself at #2—right behind Adams—proving to be one of the most deadly weapons in the entire NFL.

Connor Sheehan: Tyreek Hill O100 receiving yards & Chiefs to win at +200. If I was going to take Tyreek’s over on yards at 90 something, the chances are that if he gets over 90, he will surely go over 100. I also think that the Chiefs are going to win this game, so taking this special DraftKings prop makes too much sense to me. Tyreek gashed the Bucs in Week 12 and I look for him to do that again.

Sriman Narayanan: -105 on Tails on the coin toss. After the year we just had, I’m convinced that nothing will be looking heads-up for a while.

Who’s going to come away with the Super Bowl MVP trophy?

Matthew Harris: Tom Brady. The quarterback pretty much wins a majority of the time. I think Tampa Bay wins, so Tom Brady is my MVP. It would take a huge game from a guy like Leonard Fournette, Chris Godwin, or even Devin White to get it, but ultimately, Brady wins.

Ryan Dobbs: L’Jarius Sneed. So, you're probably wondering why in the world I would predict Sneed for this award; I’ll break it down for you real quick. First of all, I wanted to be bold… I mean, what fun would it have been for me to just guess Mahomes or Brady? Sorry to all of my boys who did in this article, but I just can't fold like that. Secondly, Sneed has been the best rookie cornerback in the NFL this year and I think he can cap the season off with an absolutely humongous bang—in this case, something like a pick or two and a few pass breakups could get the job done. I get it—the chances aren’t very likely—but you gotta respect the boldness of this decision, right…?

Dylan Fadden: Saying Mahomes would be too much of a cop-out, so I’m gonna go with another Chief. Travis Kelce has been brilliant all year and just completed the best tight end season of all-time—wouldn’t it just make sense if he capped it off with a Super Bowl MVP? It would not surprise me in the least if Kelce posted 100+ yards and multiple TDs on Sunday. If he is able to do this, there would be no choice but to give it to him.

Connor Sheehan: The obvious answer here is Patrick Mahomes, but in a game that’s going to come down to the wire, I think it wouldn’t be a bad idea to pick a defensive player here. If the game's decided in the last two minutes, an interception or sack could be the game-defining play. I believe that Juan Thornhill will be tested the most in this game and if he's lucky, he could come away with an interception early to seal the game. It’s a fun bet to throw $5 on since his odds are +950 to get an interception.

Ralph James: Seven out of the last ten Super Bowl MVPs have been quarterbacks. This year, however, will feature a skill player for the second year in a row. Last year it was Damien Williams, and this year it’ll be Leonard Fournette… I’m just kidding, that’s in my deep ball parlay, but it’ll probably be Travis Kelce.

Sriman Narayanan: Tyrann Mathieu is the most fun option here. Steve Spagnuolo runs some crazy sets, and should Brady and the Bucs be driving late in the game, I could totally see Mathieu getting sent on a blitz to ice the game. Throw in an early pick and an average performance from Mahomes/Kelce, and Mathieu could very well be the story of the night.

Who will throw for more yards: Tom Brady or Patrick Mahomes?

Matthew Harris, Dylan Fadden, Ryan Dobbs, Sriman Narayanan: Patrick Mahomes

Connor Sheehan and Ralph James: Tom Brady

Favorite Super Bowl Snack:

Dylan Fadden: 3-layer dip.

Connor Sheehan: Buffalo chicken dip.

Matthew Harris: Chicken wings.

Ralph James: There are no such things as snacks on Super Bowl Sunday—a day that is a parade of entrees: pizza, wings, sandwiches, you name it. If you’re snacking on Super Bowl Sunday, then you are an embarrassing example of a football fan. Get some catering, you coward, you.

Sriman Narayanan: Literally anything other than the veggie plate.

Ryan Dobbs: Pepperoni.

Favorite Weeknd Song: