What We Really Know About 'Succession' Season 3


There are a lot of rumors and theories about Season 3 of HBO’s hit show floating around the internet. I’m writing this to try and set the record straight. They’ve been filming since November and stopped shooting in NYC at the end of May. Currently, the Roy family is gallivanting around Italy as they shoot this season’s obligatory vacation finale episode. They wrapped filming the week of July 5. This article will not delve into specific spoilers, but will reveal new characters and vague plotlines for them. All of this is easy-to-conceive speculation based on actors’ social accounts, shooting locations, public articles, etc. But if you want to know absolutely nothing about what is going to happen this season, look away.

As we all know — because it is both obvious and constantly circulating right now — Season 3 will see the Roy family at war with each other. Kendall just blew up his father’s whole spot. The Roys are fightinggg!

I’m going to answer the question at the front of everyone’s mind right now. Yes, Dasha Nekrasova (host of the infamous Red Scare podcast) will be in Season 3 (1). While not much is known about her character, a few articles have been posted that can give us a bit of an idea. Her name is Comfrey and I have no idea why. Comfrey is a medicinal plant that can be used to treat inflammatory conditions caused by joint pain and general wounds. It is also apparently poisonous and may be carcinogenic. For whatever reason, this is what Dasha’s character is named after.

According to The Illuminerdi, “Comfry, another new character, is in her 30s and [Kendall’s Crisis PR manager]’s assistant” (2). So, we know her character will be working as a PR agent in some capacity. However, Wet Paint reported that Comfrey will be “a PR rep doing damage control after Willa’s Broadway play bombs” and not assisting with Kendall’s ongoing troubles (3). Given that Wet Pain was the first to announce Dasha’s casting, I’m inclined to believe them. Additionally, Dasha has been hanging out with Justine Lupe (Willa) and Nicholas Braun (Greg Hirsch) in Italy for the past week. Safe to say, Comfrey is going to have somewhat close relationships with those two.

Dasha Nekrasova

The Illuminerdi article also claims that “Comfrey forms a bond with Greg.” Given Nicholas Braun’s recent interview with WSJ where he says Season 3 will show audiences more of Greg’s personal life, I think it’s safe to say that Greg and Comfrey will be an item in some capacity (4). With that, it should be clear that Dasha will not have a cameo this season. She will have a whole arc thanks to Dasha’s performance impressing show creator Jesse Armstrong so much. Clearly, she isn’t just an ancillary character given that Dasha is in Italy right now filming with the rest of the Roy clan. Read it and weep, babes.

Another newcomer spotted hanging with the cast this week is Swiss actress Ella Rumpf. Nothing about her casting has been reported, but I’m speculating she is someone we meet in Italy and will have some connection with Willa or Comfrey as well. Perhaps she could be another of Willa’s actors? We shall see.

In other casting news, Alexander Skarsgård was announced to play Lukas Matsson, a CEO of a tech startup who undoubtedly will interact with Kendall (5). Despite online speculation, however, I don’t think he will have a prominent role this season given that his casting was revealed so late into shooting. Perhaps Lukas lives in a fancy house in the Hamptons (6)? The Roys do own like 100 houses, though, so I could be wrong.

Adrien Brody (AKA guy who kissed Halle Berry) is also slated to appear as “billionaire activist investor” Josh Aaronson who becomes Kendall’s rival in the battle to take over Waystar (7). The word “activist” inspires two thought processes in me — either Josh will be a Pierce-esque liberal foe, or an alt-right conservative freak. Take your pick!

(Europa Press/Getty Images)

Hope Davis will also be introduced as Sandy Furness’ daughter… Sandi Furness (8). Nothing is known about what role her character will play in the show, but given Kendall’s proclivities to fall for his father’s enemy’s daughters… well?

Lisa Arthur, another new character played by Sanaa Lathan, will enter as a “well-connected” lawyer, perhaps for Kendall (9). Linda Emond will play a White House aid Michelle-Anne Vanderhoven, who might become Shiobhan’s friend (or lover…? Hey, if Roman can do it). Jihae was also cast as PR consultant Berry Schneider who will be working for Willa and the one to inadvertently introduce Comfrey to Greg.

In terms of plot, as someone who has been following the shooting locations and observing costume choices, the shareholder conference will happen this season. I can also say there will be a Gala somewhere in the middle of the season. And yes, I bet Comfrey will be attending as Greg’s date.

Another casting that remains a mystery to me is who Oliver is. In November last year, I stumbled upon a trailer near a shooting location with one door marked “Greg” (Nicholas Braun was later seen there by a stan) and one marked “Oliver.” I thought they could be boy best friends, but with Comfrey in the picture, I think he’s not that important anymore. I should also mention there is no sign that Tabitha (Caitlin FitzGerald) will be around this season. Given that Caitlin hasn’t been seen in Italy with the rest of the Roys and their dates, she won’t be getting her Call Me By Your Name moment with Roman (Gerri on the other hand…)