• Jon Serrano

Spider-Man Leaves the MCU as Disney-Sony Fail to Reach an Agreement on New Deal

According to a Deadline report, Spider-Man is leaving this Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU), as Disney and Sony fail to reach an agreement on a new deal.

Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige won’t produce any further Spider-Man films because of an inability by Disney and Sony Pictures to reach new terms that would have given the former a co-financing stake going forward. A dispute that has taken place over the past few months at the top of Disney and Sony has essentially nixed Feige, and the future involvement of Marvel from the Spider-Man universe, sources said.

The latest addition to the Spidey franchise, Spider-Man: Far From Home, is Sony’s biggest movie ever, grossing over 1 billion dollars worldwide at the box office. It was amazing that Marvel was able to rehab Spider-Man back into the superstar he was after numerous failed attempts by Sony.

I grew up -

Fans grew up watching numerous renditions of Spider-Man, but the standout was the 90's cartoon that aired on Fox.

I had my first exposure -

90's kids got their first exposure to the friendly neighborhood Spider-Man through the cartoon and various video games.

The show was canceled and I moved onto -

Fans moved onto -


I can't contain the objectiveness of this post anymore.

Sony is going to fuck up Spider-Man AGAIN and I'm highly upset.

To beat a dead horse, I grew up with Spider-Man probably being my favorite superhero (tied with Captain America to be fair). I have a vision of Spider-Man in my head that hasn’t been perfected until Feige course-corrected Sony’s shitty movie studios.

Peter Parker is a mild-mannered teenager. Emphasis on TEENAGER. One thing the cartoon from the ’90s did right was place Peter Parker as an adult already as Spider-Man. It was fine.

Then came the Sam Raimi trilogy showcasing Tobey Maguire as Spider-Man, which batted 2 for 3. Not bad, but the third is so God-awful that it left a bad taste in my mouth for the trilogy as a whole. 5 years later, and a reboot, we got the Marc Webb helmed trilogy with Andrew Garfield taking over the reins from Maguire.

Both trilogies had Peter Parker as a teenager in high school which is fine but they both missed the mark. I’ll tell you why:


A major component of any great film is being believable. Seeing adults portraying teens in school takes you out of the film because your mind is questioning their age the entire time.

Why did the high school teacher look the same age as Peter Parker in Spider-Man?

Why does Gwen Stacy’s dad look the same age as Peter Parker in The Amazing Spider-Man?

The genius of Feige was to cast young.

I’m going to say this and proclaim any other opinion is wrong.

Tom Holland is the perfect combination of Peter Parker and Spider-Man. When I say that, I’m referring to Peter Parker and Spider-Man as two different people.

Maguire was a good Peter Parker, but he was too much of a sad boy. Peter Parker is a nerd. He isn’t a loser that everyone hates. This is where the Raimi films failed in displaying Peter Parker. As far as the portrayal of Spider-Man goes, he was okay. The Spider-Man Maguire portrayed felt more of an extension of his Peter Parker persona, just as vulnerable as his normal self.

Garfield’s Peter Parker was terrible. Peter Parker isn’t a cool guy, he’s a nerd. They played him to be the quasi-cool kid in high school who just wasn’t down with the other cool kids because he liked being different. His Spider-Man is even worse because he was a dick. Not only was he a dick but his character lacked the empathy that Peter Parker brought when he put on the suit.

Holland balanced it perfectly. Holland was the nerd in school that had a vulnerability to him. He naturally brought this when he suited up to save the day but was confident in his abilities without overdoing it.

Not to mention the other dumb ideas shoe-horned into those previous movies. Shoving Venom, Sandman, and Hobgoblin (?) into Spider-Man 3 ruined the end of a great trilogy. Not to mention that horrible dance montage of an emo Peter Parker.

Then there's The Amazing Spider-Man turning the death of Peter Parker’s parents into a mystery box and alluding to the idea that they implemented the radioactive spider to bite him. They also hinted that OsCorp is responsible for the Sinister Six.

All dumb ideas by Sony. A company who is responsible for the numerous Adam Sandler bombs and the last Men In Black, now can’t come to a deal with Marvel.

Tony Stark didn’t die for this bullshit. Tony Stark didn’t hand over the reins to Peter Parker just for greedy executives to ruin everything Kevin Feige and Marvel Studios have done for the character. Feige and Marvel brought back this character from the depths of hell for this to happen.

I always loved Spider-Man. That’s a fact. I never disliked him, but I grew tired of him. After three straight bad movies, I was done with him for a while. Even when the news came that Spidey was joining the MCU for Captain America: Civil War, I wasn’t really excited. We just saw the character in a shitty movie two years prior.

The MCU iteration of Peter Parker and Spider-Man reinvigorated my love for him. I felt like the character was finally done justice and it felt like the MCU was finally whole. Having these movies without the presence of the Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man felt a little hollow.

Where was he during the Battle of New York in Avengers?

Where was he when the Hulk and Abomination destroyed Harlem?

Not to mention the freshness they brought back. They didn’t need to rehash Uncle Ben’s death because everyone knows it. They instead recreated that relationship with Tony Stark. It plays out dramatically in Infinity War and Endgame. With the dusting of Spider-Man in Tony’s arms, the revival of Spider-Man, the loving hug between him and Tony and the ultimate sacrifice of Tony saving the universe.

The aftermath of Tony's death is felt heavily in Far From Home as Peter is struggling with the expectations that landed at his feet. It is literally spoken in the film when Happy Hogan says Tony wouldn’t have done what he did if he didn’t think Peter was up to the challenge.

Far From Home played with these ideas and succeeded tremendously, churning out arguably the best Spider-Man film to date. I loved the movie from beginning to end, and in the end, the biggest series of events developed that has the potential to shake up the whole MCU.


By Mysterio exposing Spider-Man's identity to the entire world we are left with a bevy of possibilities with how the MCU can unravel. Peter Parker's life was just put in danger and now can longer live his life as a normal teen.

The number of plans Feige and Marvel had for future phases is now down the drain and we will have to see Holland toiling away in Sony's cesspool of creativity. Holland and director Jon Watts are under contract for two more films with the news of Venom 2 on the way, we're sure to see Spidey crammed in there like a can of sardines.

The great run of Spider-Man is over.