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'SO MUCH FUN' : Young Thug - Album Review



It's hard to believe it has been two years since we've gotten a full-length solo project from Jeffery Lamar Williams. Williams, better known as Young Thug, has always been a volume shooter when it comes to his musical releases, so this break has been rather refreshing. It's hard to even consider this a break when in the meantime we've gotten his YSL compilation album Slime Language, the actavis-soaked collaborative record with Future Super Slimey, and a trio of EPs called Young Martha, Hear No Evil, and On The Rvn.

Before the announcement of the official title and release date, the album was supposed to be called GØŁDMØÜFDÖG, which Thugger revealed to Adam22 on the No Jumper Podcast. On August 10th, @thuggerthugger1 announced to the world that he would be releasing his "debut studio album" on his birthday, August 16th 2019.

"HOWIE, why did you put debut studio album in quotes?!"

- You, Probably

Young Thug has been releasing mixtapes since 2011, so deciding to call this album his studio debut means almost nothing to me. It's too late for Young Thug to make his studio debut, and that is in NO WAY an insult to Thug. Thugger already has a street classic (Barter 6), two maybe three if you are ready for a spirited debate. If this is the debut record for Jeffrey, that means he started and released music under his own imprinted label before releasing his debut. This is his twenty-third project. If THIS out of all his projects is going to be his debut, then it better be flawless. All things considered, let's move on.

The intro track, Just How It Is, is a bouncy Wheezy-produced track with one of the better hooks on the album. In it, Thugger gets introspective while talking about his lifestyle. He also talks about his notorious Jeffrey cover art where he famously wore a dress. The verses features Thugs laid back delivery as his references go everywhere; Street Fighter, Colin Kaepernick, and Nipsey Hussle. #TMC


Up next is Sup Mate, a weird yet slimy song featuring Future Hendrix. While it lacks any sort of a solid song structure, I still found myself bobbing my head to it. Even when Future was at his least understandable (the second verse is not English, I do not care what you have to say), Thug still provides interesting ad-libs and dynamic vocals.

Ecstasy is a song about - YOU GUESSED IT


Thugger called an audible before he embarks on his joint tour with Machine Gun Kelly this fall. It was definitely smart of the YSL leader to beef up their non-existent collaborative discography. Unfortunately, sometimes the smart move isn't the right move. Kelly phones in a mediocre verse that replaces one of my personal favorite quotables from the album. *see below*

The Three-Headed Snake is back with Hot, most definitely a standout track on this album. Gunna makes an appearance, singing the hook and delivering the first verse over yet another incredible Wheezy beat. These verses are braggadocios. Similar to the rest of the album, materialism is very prevalent in the lyrics. This song takes it up a notch however. Cartier, the French luxury brand, is referenced an outrageous 10 times.

Light It Up is the first of many Pi'erre Bourne productions on the album. The song gives off a feeling of Barter 6 Thug rapping over a "Playboi Carti x Pierre Bourne R.I.P Type Beat." Thug even pays homage to the late Paul Walker, even talking about the Porsche he passed away in.

Pi'erre Bourne and Gunna hop back on the album with the track, Surf. This wavy, (late) summer anthem has Thugger rapping about his influence, status in the rap game, and how he feels people try to constantly ride his wave. He's not wrong though, he put a handful of "Thug Clones" on the album. Speaking of Thug Clones, Gunna murders the hook again. This dude is literally floating on the beat.

Bad, Bad, Bad is another standout for the album. The African drums that open the track are the perfect build up for the hard-hitting 808s that Wheezy employs. Lil Baby comes through with another quality feature verse. I seriously don't think I've ever heard a bad Lil Baby feature, mans is crazy.

Thug is odd. This is well-known. Naming a feature-less song Lil Baby and placing it directly after the song with a feature from Lil Baby is equally as hilarious as it is confusing. Coincidentally, the phrase Lil Baby refers to a significant other. Thug does namedrop Baby later on in the song though when he mentions his "Slime Brothers." Thugger also talks about his placement on Forbes 2018 30 Under 30 list of musicians. Another interesting point to note is that this track interpolates Future's First Off with Travis Scott.

What's The Move is a melody-driven banger with a very good Lil Uzi verse. Thugger stylistically taps back into his Beautiful Thugger Girls self. He croons with a cadence that, in today's state of hip-hop, is impossible not to connect to the country trap wave we've been hearing from Lil Nas X and other.

Produced by DJ Durel, I Bought Her is the tenth track on this album. The title refers to the material items that Thug can buy for his women, but I'm gonna assume you figured that out.

That right there is Lil Duke. Now let's talk about Lil Duke. Can we talk about Lil Duke, please, reader? I've been dying to talk about Lil Duke with you all day, OK?

Since Barter 6, I haven't heard much from Duke. A few weeks ago I heard him for the first time in a minute on Trippie Redd's Mac 10 and lemme tell ya.. this dude still fire. Back to "I Bought Her" though, Duke came in with a gnarly delivery. He starts loud and quickly, giving a feeling of danger and alarming the listener.

One of the harder beats on the album is the piano-heavy instrumental for Jumped Out The Window. The song has mad entertaining verses. Not only does Thugger call your father a Jabroni, but he also references famous hooper Robert Horry. He incorrectly counts the number of championship rings Bob has, ha classic! He has seven, not five. Put some respect on Big Shot Bob's name!

Speaking on the dangers that come with the fame of being a rapper, Thug enlists two other ATLiens, 21 Savage and Doe Boy for I'm Scared. Pi'erre leaves his final marks on the album with this track, his fourth on the album. 21 delivers as always, and says what all of us dudes can't. We aren't in middle school, c'mon act your age. Doe Boy also comes in clutch on his verse. He might've even had the best one on the track.

Cartier Gucci Scarf definitely won't win the award for best opening lines. I love repetition and materialism as much as the next guy, but c'mon now. You probably remember my previously-mentioned affection for Lil Duke. He's back, BUT there is a twist. I don't know about you guys but I am getting real sick of all these Lil Duke Clones! Young Thug tried so hard to imitate his violent and aggressive delivery! All jokes aside, Thugger sounded just like Duke. This isn't a bad thing at all, I greatly enjoyed it. Maybe SEX should be less worried about those riding his wave, and try to pick up new styles and skills. Actually, now that I think about what I said... wow that is a scary thought! If Jeffrey got any more creative, he might just run the world.

Here's a disclaimer: I haven't listened to Long Live Mexico yet.

Big Tipper features Lil Keed, a recent signing to Thug's YSL label who released his debut album earlier this summer. I should probably go listen to that some time. Keed did the second refrain and verse, I was pleasantly surprised. This goes extremely hard. Southside and 808 Mafia blessed us with one of the best beats on the whole album. Good track.

Pussy is the final solo song on So Much Fun. Pyrex, TM88, and Southside all co-produced this record for Thugger. I later learned that this was actually a diss track on YFN Lucci, which exponentially decreases my confusion. I can admit I disregarded this track, as I just assumed it was an excuse for Jeffrey to see how many times he could say pussy in one song (45, I counted). I mean there isn't really much to say here.

  • The beat is good

  • Thug is saying a lot of mean things

One of frequent collaborators makes an appearance on the album, as Quavo sings the hook for Circle of Bosses. I was rather unexcited for this one. I was proven wrong. It's a good song. Wheezy gives us another incredible beat with this one, featuring multiple guitar samples. I never thought I would say this, but it was quite refreshing to hear a triplet flow on this project out of Atlanta.

Like I previously talked about in Burbs preview piece for this album, J. Cole helped with a lot of the overall production for this project. He and T-Minus produced the Juice Wrld assisted track, Mannequin Challenge. The title of the track refers to the viral internet challenge. Throughout both verses. Juice definitely outshines Thug on this track lyrically as he drops bars like

  • "Off of the Perc' and the Xan again, Walk in the sky like I'm Anakin // Double G on me like mannequin, make 'em freeze like a mannequin challenge in here."

  • "I got the tool, no Handy Manny, You would get your jack son like you Randy."

Boy Back is the final new track on So Much Fun. Nav comes through to sing the hook and drop a verse. I enjoyed the hook, but man that shit was kinda corny. Nav also made sure to let us know that he is not white, which he loves doing so much. Nav's verse was also pretty enjoyable, he incorporated a sneaky flow into his verse using mainly just letters. But yeah, 18 tracks in and still banger on banger on banger.

The London was the radio single for So Much Fun, you've definitely already heard it. It's a pretty damn good track, nothing too special or innovative. J. Cole has a very nice verse along with Thugger. I would've loved nothing more than a couple extra Thugvis collabs on So Much Fun. You know what they say, though- beggars can't be choosers.

So Much Fun doesn't reinvent the wheel, but I can guarantee Thug had a blast putting together this hour of music. I personally enjoyed this album a lot. I believe this is one of the standouts so far this year, as far as rap music goes. I am also now content with calling this his debut album.

Track to Track, there might be one skip depending on your taste in features.

Happy Belated Birthday Jeffery

You Slimeball, You