• Michael Magitman

"Shadow Man" - Noah Sims

With my first post for Burbs, I would like to introduce a new edition to the underground alt/indie-pop scene. Noah Sims, a 24-year-old producer and singer from Chicago—boasting appearances on Vocalo Radio, NBA 2K21, DJBooth, and more—has been working behind the scenes for many years. He produced for other artists in the city, including Taylor Bennett, Qari, Supa Bwe, Kaina, Ajani Jones, and more. Patiently honing himself as a vocalist, he broke out with three singles in 2020 that caught the attention of many in the local indie-pop space.

This is what Noah has to say about the meaning of his "Shadow Man" song:

“'Shadow Man' is about trying to find yourself and take that step into a brave new lifestyle that you’ve been wanting to forever but haven't had the confidence to do so, for whatever reason. Stepping out of the shadows into the light, so to speak."

Starting 2021 on a positive note with this laidback jam, airy guitar rifts float alongside a comfortable drum pattern creating an open river of soulful vocals. Sims enunciates the lessons of his life, outputting the importance of valuing your time while understanding that being you and who you need to be are the same thing—making a great listen for those who need some words of encouragement.

I am happy to say that with each new creation from Noah Sims, he shows improvement in every aspect. Definitely keep an eye out for the young artist!

If you enjoy artists like Cosmo Pyke, Jerkcurb, Brad Stank...

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