Seven Thrones Moments That May Impact the Final Season

Written by Burbs Feature Writer Evan Northrup, Edited by Burbs Writer/Editor Ralph James

SPOILER WARNING: If you haven't seen the first seven seasons of Game of Thrones, then first of all, you're a fucking loser. Secondly, this article contains spoilers from each of those seasons, so proceed with caution.

The first episode of the final season of Game of Thrones premieres this Sunday on HBO. If there's one thing that we've learned from previous seasons, it's that the smallest details can end up having the biggest impact. Here are seven small details from the first 7 seasons that could change the trajectory of Westeros's biggest players.

1. “No one can protect me, no one can protect anyone.” - Sansa Stark to Jon Snow, Season 6 Episode 9

We have already seen Arya Stark protect her sister Sansa once by helping her execute Littlefinger in Winterfell during the Season 7 finale, but this line from Season 6’s Battle of the Bastards implies that that won’t be the last time Arya saves someone.

While Sansa wasn’t actually referring to Arya when she said this, the writers of GOT must have known what this line would sound like to its audience who had been watching Arya slowly turn into “No One” for the last two seasons.

Could this mean that Arya will save Sansa’s life during Season 8? Or does “anyone” imply that she will save more than just Sansa, maybe even all of Westeros? Personally, I believe Arya will save The Hound just as he is about to die by the hands of his brother, The Mountain, in the Clegane Bowl. Therefore Arya will be crossing The Mountain off of her list and redeeming herself from leaving Sandor to die in Season 4 when he battles Brienne.

2. “I wish you good fortune…..” - Benjen Stark to Meera and Bran, Season 6 Episode 6

The phrase, “I wish you good fortune in the wars to come,” seems to be about as common as saying goodbye in Westeros. In Season 6 Episode 10, Benjen Stark brings Bran and Meera to a heart tree beyond the wall. He seems like he is about to say, “I wish you good fortune in the wars to come,” but hesitates, cutting the phrase short before riding away.

Is this abbreviation random, or could there be a reason he didn’t say, “...In the wars to come”? Maybe it's because Bran and Meera will die, and he knows the war against the White Walkers is the last they’ll ever fight in. Or could it be that he doesn't want to wish them both good fortune in the wars to come because in future wars Bran will be fighting on the wrong side? Maybe Bran really will become trapped in the Night King, and Benjen knows this from the time he spent with the Three Eyed Raven. Either way, this cryptic phrase will mean more than it seems.

3. “A million, give or take” - Tyrion Lannister, Season 7 Episode 7

*Please excuse the Star Wars music in the background of this legendary clip*

Okay, here are all of the reasons why King's Landing will not exist for much longer:

- The whole foundation of King’s Landing is filled with wildfire.

- There are three potential dragons that could come attack the historically corrupt city.

- The population of King’s Landing has been alluded to multiple times throughout the story.

- There’s an army of dead men marching towards it that can only be killed with dragon glass, Valyrian steel, or flames.

- The Mad King, Aerys Targaryen, tried to blow the city up before he died and the current ruler with the same title, The Mad Queen, has already started the job.

- Oh, and Daenerys was shown a vision of the Red Keep totally toasted in Season 2.

Face it people, King’s Landing is burning the fuck down. At this point, the only question is: Will it burn down filled with wights, or living people?

4. “You are my weakness” - Grey Worm to Missandei, Season 7 Episode 2

We all loved Grey Worm’s little love speech in Season 7 (and how about him tongue punching Missandei’s coochie?), but are we going to love it as much when we see it become literal?

Missandei is Grey Worm’s only legitimate weakness, and in Season 8 this weakness will be the reason for his death. Somehow he will sacrifice his own life to save hers, making the above statement prophetically true. Could the kiss they share in the trailer be their final kiss goodbye?

5. “Every time a Targaryen is born the gods flip a coin”- Cersei Lannister, Season 2 Episode 7

Cersei reflects on this saying when she is talking to Tyrion in Season 2, wondering if Joffrey’s sadism and overall shitty personality is a byproduct of her and Jaime’s incest. The Targaryens wedded brothers and sisters for centuries. However, so many were evil or mad that the above phrase became a common saying in Westeros.

While Cersei’s child will most likely never be born, there is also the possibility that the child will be deformed or cursed, making the 50/50 probability of a product of incest turning out badly come true (Tommen & Myrcella vs. Joffrey & Unborn-Baby).

A few of the actors have said that there are many similarities between Seasons 1 and 8, and Cersei having a deformed baby would be a mirroring of Daenerys’ own pregnancy in the first season. What would b even more ironic is she could give birth to a dwarf, just like the little brother she loathes. Gods, flip that coin.

6. "They both broke their promises and murdered their former friends as soon as it suited them!" - Jaimie Lannister “So does everyone, when it suits them.”- Cersei Lannister, Season 7 Episode 1

Lots of people are gonna get betrayed. Lots of people are gonna die, and lots of fans are going to be angry. Who’s excited for some back-stabbing?

Potential Deceptions

The Northern Lords could turn on Jon for being a Targaryen, Tyrion could betray Daenerys because she goes bat shit crazy (occasionally), Daenerys could betray Jon because she thinks he's a threat to her claim to the throne, and Jaimie should betray Cersei for 90% of the terrible shit she's done. Varys, well Varys' favorite past time is backstabbing monarchs, and we still have never learned the true extent of his ambitions (aside from remaining alive with the realm). And if Bran's really the Night King like many theories suggest then he was... betraying himself this whole time?

7. Cersei Scheming on the Neck of the World With Jaimie on the Fingers, Season 7 Episode 1

Last but not least, best believe Jaime is goin full Darth Vader, WWE, Stark and Littlefinger choke mode on Cersei.

Although the "valonqar" portion of Maggy the Frog's prophecy is left out of the show, it seems too fitting for Cersei not to die at the hands of her lover, and twin brother. Cersei remarks on the show, "Jaime and I are more than brother and sister, we shared a womb together, came into this world together," and they will most likely die together.

Will he choke her to death for burning down King's Landing, then die right after in a blaze of wildfire? One can only hope.