Seeing Colors - Grant Schaffer (feat. love-sadKID)

Grant Schaffer is a 19 year old artist born and raised in Florida. Music has been part of his life since he was 3 as thats when he started to train in classical violin. From there Grant went to eventually pick up the guitar and started writing his own music. Currently he is taking a gap year from Wake Forest University to focus on creating new music. We reached out Grant to get some background on his newest track.

What was the process in creating 'Seeing Colors'?

"I wrote “Seeing Colors” about 2 years back about falling in love for the first time. It was one of those songs I had in my back pocket; I knew the song was something special but I was waiting for the right time to record it. After recording it with Will, I wanted to add a different dynamic to it & reached out to love-sadkid who really loved the song & laid down a verse and absolutely killed it."

How much of a role did you play in the production of 'Seeing Colors'?

"I played all of the instruments in “Seeing Colors” and co-produced the track with my good friend and engineer Will Frenchman. At it’s core though, the song really comes down to vocals and guitar (the way it was originally written)."

If fans can take away one thing from this song what would it be?

"I hope that my lyrics make fans reflect upon the importance of true love. "

What’s next for Grant Schaffer in 2020?

"More music soon. I am sitting on easily some of the best songs I have written yet and I can’t wait to share them with the world."

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