• Howard Butler

Rumor has it RMR has it

Anonymity is a funny thing. Some may see it as a barrier between a fan and a true connection to some one or thing. There have been many rappers who have used it in their careers to separate oneself from his/her persona, MF Doom most famously in the Hip-Hop genre. For RMR, it may just be what helped to aide his rise. The virality of his debut single, "Rascal" helped him amass a healthy following on the internet. Now that he's earned the platform, he's getting ready to deliver.

We don't know his name, we have yet to see his face. We know this guy is for real though.

Remember that Old Town Road song from last year? I can't see how you wouldn't...

It's evolved.

"Rascal" hit the internet in the last week of February, and of course it found its own footing in the constantly changing news cycle of Hip-Hop. Another crossover between rap and country music, one that's been visualized with a Saint Laurent Kevlar Vest and an AK-47. It's a track built less by memes, but more by organic expression between the two genres. Over a Rascal Flatts instrumental he emphatically croons, "And every sleepless night

Led me to where I am.

Bitches that broke my heart

They became hoes I scammed."

The video has been taken down several times for the uncleared Rascal Flatts sample. Since then, RMR has been gaining attention from some very noteworthy figures in the industry. He's been seen in the studio with the likes of Timbaland and Mike Dean, debatably two of the most influential producers in today's scene.

On April 9th, he released his follow-up song, "Dealer."

The second track from the enigmatic musician tapped into his true R&B genre.

The AK-47s were exchanged for some double cups. "Dealer" is where RMR taps into what I assume is his most traditional sound. Yesterday, he got on Apple Music Radio to talk with Ebro Darden. He also got to premiere the remix to "Dealer", which boasts features from Future and Lil Baby.

Find and listen to the remix on your streaming service by clicking here. He comes on the track with strong vocals, sounding almost like a trap Weeknd with clear inspiration from the dirty, muddy South.

When he's been asked on multiple occasions, he's claimed his home as "the world." He hasn't revealed his hometown origin, but has confirmed that he has lived in Atlanta, Inglewood, and many cities in between.

I would keep an eye on RMR, he in prime position to keep elevating the art. He's been teasing his upcoming EP for some time now, entitled "Drug Dealing is a Lost Art." Expect to hear "Dealer", it's Atlanta-assisted remix, and the hopefully-cleared Rascal. A full project should allow him to expand on the glints of melodic storytelling his short discography has showed us.

What is it? I don't know, but I can't wait for RMR to show us.

- Howard Butler -