REVIEW: 'FIX YOUR FACE' - seeyousoon

Last week, seeyousoon — a nine-piece Floridian music collective — released "FIX YOUR FACE," the second single from their upcoming album, HZLIKHELL.

According to seeyousoon, "FIX YOUR FACE" is "about getting weird looks from people in public. As a rather weird-looking group of people, we're no stranger to this concept."

The track features an eclectic, synth-heavy beat — it sounds as if you're stuck in a phone booth constructed from a dial-up modem (in the best way possible). Each member delivers uniquely energetic flows, supported by Maddie Barker's spirited sung hooks. The collective's chemistry is evident, as verses are handed off like the passing of a baton.

While the group may deal with the occasional dirty look from a random passerby, seeyousoon has crafted the perfect track to listen to while brushing off the judgement of strangers.